Pizza in NEW YORK CITY!!!!!

I was in New York City for those of you who haven’t seen all my spamming on my instagram! For those of you who have- I am so sorry. I’m just uber excited about being in this amazing city. I was in New York  for three days last week and I have fallen for the big apple. Thank you to the best NYC tour guides ever– my two cousins Johnny and Howard for just taking time out to take me around (a LOT) and really see and explore this beautiful, bright and vibrant city! Thanks boys!! (I’ll be posting my travel/ food posts in no particular order. I’m jumping around- but this is from day 2 in NY!)


Two pizza joints for lunch…here’s a preview of the #foodporn 😉

After an early morning that started with a big bacon, cheese and egg scramble, a lot of iced lattes, a stroll through Wall Street, unreal moment at the 9/11 Memorial, a brisk walk by the Hudson River, a peak of the Statue of Liberty…. We were off to Soho in search of pizza. Yeah, and we did all of that before lunch. Johnny, you are a highly organised trip scheduler (he had a insane intensely awesome itinerary made!)

The first pizza stop was a small hole in the wall called Prince St. Pizza. The space was extremely cozy and tiny but packed to the brim- the walls were littered with pictures of celebrity fans and patrons- everyone from Joe Jonas to Tom Hanks were proudly displayed. We all looked like sardines piling in to get a taste of the delicious pizza that awaited us.


Johnny ordered the original deep dish Sicilian pepperoni pizza for the two of us. We devoured the amazingness that Prince St Pizza was within two minutes of getting it. The crust of the pizza had the most awesome crunch and crackle as you bit into the hot, oozing cheese, oil and pepperoni slices. The tomato sauce was sweet and tangy, the pepperoni slices were hearty and thick. I’m savouring onto the memory of this pizza. It’s sooooooo good! Please try this when you go to NYC.


Since we’re in New York- we had to try an original New York thin slice pizza! We went a few streets down to Rubirosa– a fun, dark sit- down restaurant for an actual entire pizza pie. I picked the supreme pizza that was laced with a delicious tomato sauce, lots of cheese, savoury meatballs and these crazy amazing pepperoni slices (similar to the Prince St Pizza one) all atop a delicious paper thin crust.


I drizzled a bit of extra chilli flakes and cheese for an extra dose of kick and bang-not that the pizza needed any help in that department. This pizza was just as delicious with a home-y and savoury kick to it. Honestly, it just comes down to what style of pizza you would want to eat! We ordered the small pizza pie at US$21 but was sooooooooo big. Each slice was bigger than my face.


I’m in loooooooove with this gorgeous city! <3

Oh man, I’m craving pizza now! Any one else have any pizza (or other food) recommendations? I’m going to make a drive to Brooklyn next time to try their pizza which also came highly recommended! Next time, New York, next time!

Rubirosa Ristorante | 235 Mulberry Street (Between Prince and Spring) New York City | (212) 965-0500

Prince Street Pizza | 27 Prince St, New York, New York | (212) 966-4100

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Lots of <3, Jess