Plaza Mayor

Spanish Tapas are taking Hong Kong by storm. Here’s my previous posts of various Spanish dining options- Fofo by El Willy, 22 Ships, Mijas, & neighboring tapas bar, 1/5 Nuevo. Opened in November 2011- Plaza Mayor is a rustic, cozy and festive ‘dining & wining workshop’ located on Moon Street, a narrow alley parallel to the hip Star Street. Plaza Mayor serves up authentic Spanish tapas- specializing in Manchego cheese, Iberico ham, & various wines. As you walk into the 45-seater space- a glass enclosed kitchen divides the restaurant, as diners can watch the chefs work their magic.

Gazpacho Andaluz- Cold Tomato & Cucumber Soup HK$60. Gazpacho is a thick, creamy, tangy, tomato based, vegetable soup. It’s widely popular in Spain, mostly in Portugal. Usually consumed during the hot Summer months due to it’s cold, refreshing taste! 🙂 I absolutely loved it. It perked up my senses and nicely calmed my rumbling tummy.

‘Solo Quesos-Manchego Curado D.O.’ Manchego Cheese-Aged 3 Months. HK$120. Manchego cheese is their specialty. You betcha we ordered it. Manchego cheese is one of the most popular & tastiest Spanish cheese. The cheese is made from the milk of sheep originated from La Mancha region of Spain. It’s typically aged from 6 months to 2 years. This cheese was semi-firm, with a milky, creamy, rich taste! It’s slightly salty, but not as strong as some other types of cheese…which is exactly what I prefer. Paired with a nice glass of red wine…Mmmmm 😀 Tasty.

Surtido 100% Puro Iberico de Belltoa, an assortment of Pork Loin, Spanish Choizo & Salchichon from 100% Pure Iberian Acorn-fed pigs. HK$170. Cured ham has a particular and distinct taste. Smoky, salty (usually) and dried. The three different hams were all extremely salty…I needed something to accompany them. They weren’t too memorable for me.

Champinones Al Ajillo- Garlic Mushrooms HK$60. Sauteed mushrooms, soaked- DRENCHED in olive oil! Taking all the healthy out of these delicious mushrooms. Sauteed veggies, especially mushrooms are one of my favorite side dishes. However, Plaza Mayor’s take is just too oily for me and not enough garlic flavor.

Huevos Estrellados Con Iberico- Fried Eggs w/ Iberico Ham HK$100. Potatoes. Eggs. Meat….All it was missing was some bread and it had all the components of a favorite meal 🙂 Generous strips of spicy chorizo, runny fried eggs blanketed a top crisp, crunchy, deep fried potatoes. Tell me…does that not sound good?!?! Cause it was. Only problem. It was stomach filling & guilt inducing. I finished off a majority of this baby.

Chuletitas de Cordero Lechal- Baby Lamb Chops HK$180. Lamb has never been my preferred meat of choice. But these loin chops were quite tasty and still slightly pink in the centre (just the way I like my meat), tender, and flavorful. One big problem though was that it wasn’t served hot. :/

Almejas En Salsa Verde- Clams in White Wine & Parsley Sauce HK$90. The clams were flavorful, soaking in the white wine and parsley sauce. But it was soooooo drenched in oil…. I couldn’t handle it. I was hoping for a ‘lighter’, soup-ier side dish. Nonetheless it was still pretty good.

Churros Con Chocolate- Dough Fritters w/ Chocolate HK$70. CHURROSSSSS! How I’ve missed these deep fried delicious carb-y pastry! One thing, it was served cold…..not even warm?!?!?!? No me gusto. 🙁 We asked if they could serve it hot and they graciously did just that. After that little mix up….it was pure crunchy, hot, sweet bliss!! 😀

The chefs kitchen! Behind me is a small area/shop which offers Iberico ham, Manchego cheese, wine & olive oils- where diners can take a bit of Madrid home with them! 😀

WOAH. Look at that HAM. Iberico ham, that is 😉 I’m INSIDE the kitchen! 😀 SCORE

The staff is friendly and attentive- answering all and any questions I had- even allowing me to go behind the glass divider! Too cool! The vibe is laid-back and simple. The food, however, seemed lackluster (I was really rooting for this place) compared with the fun, festive ambience of the restaurant. I did however enjoy the company. It was an ‘Galacian’ great time! 🙂 If you want an authentic Spanish dining experience, I’m not sure Plaza Mayor will cut it.

Plaza Mayor 2866 6644

G/Floor 9 Moon Street, 

Star Street Precinct

Wan Chai, Hong Kong 

<3 Always, Jess