Posto Pubblico

 😉 Realized I have TONS of food posts for you guys!

Great music and food blogging today!

 I love the group, Integrated Hospitality Management (IHM), who are behind Posto Pubblico, Linguini Fini, and Pizzeria Pubblico! I’m a fan of Linguini Fini (my post) and Posto (located in the heart of SOHO) which did not disappoint! The New York styled Italian eatery was “molto delizioso”- “Very delicious,” indeed ;)… It was a great night filled with good conversation (both of us were stuffed by the end) Thanks.

Chicken Skewers (I can’t remember the name..but this appetizer can be one to skip, the rest of the meal..AMAZING!
Chicken Francese….MMM Buttery, citrus-y, saucy, and savory. The chicken was tender, juicy and moist! Lemon buttery sauce was heavenly!
Special: Grilled Asparagus & Bacon 🙂 I needed some veggies
Rigatoni Pubblico…The rich ragu sauce was heavy…in the best way! Creamy and thick…HOT, cheesy and definitely warmed up my tummy!
Excellent red wine

Dolci. Saving the best for last….one simply wasn’t enough

New York Cheesecake
graham cracker, caramelized HGF
pineapple, strawberry pineapple
gelato & pinenut tuile
Graham cracker crust was ‘delizioso’, but I like my cheesecake more savory and this was a little too fruity for my taste. But still creamy and thick 🙂
deep-fried fritter, powdered sugar,
blueberry gelato

If I could eat this every day..I would. Flaky, hot, rich/thick crust..powdered sugar sprinkled on top (similar to a churro), soft on the inside…and (OMG) the blueberry gelato was absolutely amazing. It was creamy, rich and the perfect mix of hot fritter and cold ice cream. LOVED THIS.

Posto Pubblico 2577 7160

G/F, 28 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

 <3 Always, Jess