Pure Red

Twas a great productive long weekend 🙂

Lounged around all day! <3 Much needed rest time….and Blogging time (finally).

One evening I went to Pure Red for dinner! Inside the bustle and hustle of IFC. Lies another bustling and hustling restaurant- bar- dining area- happy hour-disco party (okay, not disco party..but you get the idea).

Hot, fresh sesame and white bread rolls started our evening.

Rebecca & I split the Tuna Tartare w/ avocado, red onions & jalapeno appetizer! HK$128. It was a refreshing starter with large chunks of fresh, spicy raw tuna mixed with creamy, thick avocado!


Jie ordered the Jambalaya w/ chicken, chorizo & shrimp, HKD$168. I had a few bites…the jambalaya was a burst of spices, flavors, and large pieces of chicken and shrimp! Yummmmm.

Rebecca & I both ordered the- Seared Salmon w/ Spinach, Quinoa & Avocodo Salad, HKD$148 as our main course! The salmon was cooked exactly the way I liked it- semi cooked and slightly raw in the middle…The grainy Quinoa was a nice touch of crunch and the avocados were creamy and smooth! It was a excellent salad! Will definitely be ordering this again on my return visit!

None of us wanted dessert 😀 But…once again….. FREE dessert! (I actually have loads of stories about free food….) 😉 TIRAMISU!!! Tasted better since it was on the house! And, well lets just say..I had most of it! 😛

October-Here we come!!! <3

RED Bar + Restaurant (Pure RED) 

4/f, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street,

Central, Hong Kong, 8129 8882

<3 Always, Jess