Queen Hollywood

Whats cooking on the verrrrrrry edge of Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan? It’s neighbour is Heirloom(post) and 208(post)! Why the answer is quite simple; a blink and you may miss it Japanese/Italian fusion little hole in the wall…. QUEEN HOLLYWOOD.


What have we here? Some extra bright/flash heavy picture of raw vegetables….more on that in a bit!


SMALL PORTIONS. FYI. We start off with a nice loaf of baguette bread. It’s quite a teeny piece.


Garlic infused Fried Chicken Wings- These babies were good. Perfectly crispy on the outside, with the perfect amount of garlic and sweet delicious honey. Nicely crunchy on the outside but with a perfect juicy bite inside.


What could these raw vegetable sticks be for? Looks…unappealing. But, looks can be deceiving…that sweet corn, was perhaps the most sweet and delicious corn I’ve ever tasted.


This is what the raw vegetables are there for. The dip is this heavy on the oil and salt…It’s a salty, oily anchovy dip….in all its delicious but dangerous glory. BEWARE: Use with caution! This dip defeats the vegetable sticks purpose.


PASTA. Carb heaven. Japanese + Italian = Foodie Heaven. Tagliatelle Alla Carbonara $180, a pasta made with Japanese egg and thick cuts of fatty bacon. Probably my fave of the night…its creamy, rich, thick, cheesy, and the perfect mix of hot, flavour, and fat! I really liked this…or maybe because I just really like pasta.


The arista di maiale, roasted organic pork $280, is smothered with a white creamy cheese sauce and then served alongside Chinese flat white kidney beans and thin crunchy sweet corn sticks. Its not too rave-worthy. The pork is a nice cut, but the taste is completely awash by the heavy cream sauce.

This tiny bistro is cute….and perhaps improved a lot since I went (during their soft opening phase) but its definitely not for the diet friendly.



Have a beautiful and blessed week!

<3 Always, Jess