R & B Research Bakery

R & B actually stands for Research Bakery and this eatery aims to serve simple Californian cuisine (with a slight twist). Its from the same people that brought you the Applegreen chain. And in the center of Tsim Sha Tsui- this eatery is very different from its other counterparts. It’s walk in only, and I loveeee the floor to ceiling windows that gush in pouring sunlight into the room. The only thing I don’t like? Well…how close I’m sitting to the other tables. With rows of tables aligned neatly next to each other and people lining in at the door- the feeling was slightly uneasy (like a fish in a aquarium feel to it). Other than that….it makes for a great brunch spot!


I love Mason jars…and even that its  endless refills. I got Lemonade $36 (but of course- after gulping down the entire drink- my bladder only had room for a bit of my second refill!)


Roasted Beet Salad, Quinoa, Mozzarella, Yuzu Honey $58 This roasted beet salad was nice, light and fresh and a really nice starter. I loved the creamy mozzarella and quinoa added into this dish! Great salad.


Uni Gnocchi: Sea Urchin, Shallot, Fresh Cream $88. This was not what I was expecting…nothing too bad, but definitely didn’t taste like sea urchin! But it was interesting.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Benedict, egg, biscuit, buffalo hollandaise $108. This was GREAT! Super yummy and hot off the grill. The fried chicken skin was perfectly crunchy and crisp while being moist and juicy on the inside. The egg was nice and runny and I really liked the buttermilk biscuit!! YUM.


Chicken Nuggets: lemon, pepper, garlic $62. We finally added the nuggets…which were nothing like what I was expecting!! SOOO much better than I thought. This golden crunchy little nuggets were delightful in every bite. I even dare to say it tasted….healthy. Also…I kept eyeing this plateful of shoestring fries on the next table…Those looked good!!! Overall, its an nice little brunch spot- but still needs a little changing of the menu!

R&B 3/F, Pacific Mansion, 172-174 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2191 5445

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<3 Always, Jess