Ramen Frenzy at Koku Ryu Ramen

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen! Could Koku Ryu Ramen be a new welcome edition into EatwithJess’ Top 5 Ramen Spots in Hong Kong? The weather is starting to finally cool off- time for some RAMEN!! Koku Ryu Ramen sits on a cozy spot on Swatow Street (which has quite a few different easy eating spots for lunch) in Wan Chai. We went in for a quick lunch just a little before 12pm and was surprised to see that the ramen shop was already fully packed! Luckily we were the first ones in line and in we went.


This is the front entrance of 黑龍 Koku Ryu Ramen (which I pulled off of their FB page!)


My order! I prefer a firm- almost crunchy type of noodle! Is that weird? How do you guys like your ramen noodles done? Also….any other other recommendations for ramen spots!? I’m always on the lookout for good ramen food joints. So please let me know if I’ve missed your fave places!

img_9140Uh oh!!! That pork looks slightly raw!!! Which is definitely a no no, so I pushed the meat down and let it cook some more in that hot, flavorful and thick pork soup stock. The soup was addictive and downright delicious but definitely very full and starchy.


A perfect slightly runny, soft boil egg in my noodles! We also split a plate of pork dumplings that I obviously forgot to take a picture of.

The ramen here is pretty good but a bit on the pricey side as it’s about the same price as Butao Ramen and Ichiran!

Koku Ryu Ramen | G/F, 29 Swatow Street, Wan Chai | 2217 6883

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Lots of <3, Jess