Ramen Iroha

I love me some Noodles (post), Udon (post) , Vermicelli/pho (post),  Nha Trang(post) and yes, good ol’ Ramen…..And, if you didn’t know…Ramen is all the rage these days 🙂  It’s one of those meals that is perfect, used to eat it all the time in school. Carb-y (noodles), soup-y (broth), and meaty (pork char siu)….or veggies…no judgement…. 😉

One afternoon, I went to try newly opened Ramen Iroha 富山麵家 in Causeway Bay. If you feel like the name is familiar, well- it’s because it is. There’s a legion of dedicated ramen-ers who patiently wait for a bowl in Japan. “Ranked #1 in sales for 3 consecutive years (2009, 2010 & 2011) at TOKYO RAMEN SHOW the biggest ramen fest in Japan!”


One Sunny afternoon (LOVING THE WEATHER!!!)…I woke up with the day ahead, loads of errands to do, and a big time craving for a big hot bowl of ramen!!! <3


This little Japanese styled-ramen shop -Ramen Iroha 富山麵家- has finally made it’s way to Hong Kong and opened up right here on Haven Street in CWB.


Start off…with a close-up of a perfect Gyoza. These pork pockets are packed with cabbage, pork, chives and are homemade!! The dumpling wrapper was thin, light and slightly chewy. Mmmmm 🙂


Gyoza heaven. Lightly pan fried and came out fresh, plump and piping hot.


LETS EAT! It’s very much like a little Japanese Ramen joint! Very friendly service, wooden decor, simple table settings, ramen grilling & making station, menu’s are in Japanese…but not a problem since there’s pictures!!!… Let’s try that “NO. 1” one on that menu! 😉


Pork Char Siu (We loved these juicy char siu’s shipped from Holland and asked for an extra plate!) Fatty, meaty, thick, char-grilled to taste. It was divine. Very tasty, flavourful and yummy!

FYI: All the 3 types of ramen comes with a half cooked smoky/ yolky egg, those yummy char siu’s, and loads of side condiments like spring onions, seaweed, white scallion strips, menma (which are bamboo shoots) and a kamaboko (those squishy white/pink flower looking things in the middle). You can opt for the regular size of large (depending how famished you are. Regular was MORE than enough for me though!)


Kara Miso Ramen (Spicy Miso Ramen Noodles!!) Very similar to Dan Dan Mian (Taiwanese staple noodles!) The noodles were eggy and thick, actually just the way I like it. The soup was milky, creamy and oh so spicy!!! Deliciously refreshing. Great, hearty presentation and those eggs were smoked to perfection. Perfectly golden orange with a sticky, creamy egg-y center! The best part was the grilled pork and minced char siu meat side!!! So flavourful and tasty!!


Close up-of the deliciousness…Spicy Miso Ramen Noodles!! THOSE EGGS, THOSE CHAR SIU’S,…THOSE SOUPY CHILI SAUCE!!!!! <3 OH MY.


Pork Bone Broth Ramen Noodles– the soup base was the only difference. This pork broth was a lighter, creamier, yet very tasty with an intensely strong pork bone taste. It was addictive. A bit hard not to slurp it right up!! The noodles were just as thick, smooth, firm, spring-y and eggy!! The eggs…still smoked to perfection…Very filling meal!!!

Last but not least is the POPULAR #1 item on the list….


The famous Black Soy Sauce Ramen Noodles. 黑醬油拉麵….Try it for yourself 😉

Ramen Iroha, G/Floor, 7 Haven Street, Causeway Bay



TGIF. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

<3 Always, Jess