Oh My God. Thank you. Robuchon is terribly and dangerously goooood 😉 Lets do a little background on the man of the hour.

Joel Robuchon is one of the most esteemed chefs in the world! (He’s won a Lifetime Achievement Award 😀 Cool. Didn’t even know they had that??) He operates countless of restaurants ALL over the world- Las Vegas, London, Paris, Macau, and ours truly- Hong Kong (as well as some other areas)…and he has the most Michelin stars- a whopping 28!! He’s definitely one to beat.

The 3 Michelin starred ‘L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon’ is fine dining at it’s best. Nestled inside the Landmark in Central, Robuchon is sleek, contemporary, and polished. Lavish bold, dramatic red velvet designs, red and black decor, dark smoky wood furniture makes Robuchon reminiscent of an old school glamorous speakeasy.

Serving innovative French style tapa dishes around an open private kitchen- there is a beautiful polished bar counter top as well as a limiting number of seated areas. We sat around the bar area! No complaints from this lady. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Glorious food!! Not so glorious iPhone shot of me and the food! 😉 Thus, I busted out the big guns- my Canon camera, of course.

Amouse Bouche- (L) Warm Foie gras w/ port wine and bacon foam-This was surprisingly delightful. It had a hint of rich foie gras and the bacon foam made this jelly really decadent and rich.

 (R) Cold artichoke and morel mushroom puree-I slurped this right up. It was a refreshing foamy starter chock full of vitamins (think of it as a mouth watering vegetable juice).

Assortment of Bread 🙂 I’ve died and gone to heaven. It was freshly baked and heaven sent, I swear. The home made croissants were to die for. Crispy, flaky, but not oily or too buttery….Hmmm??? HOW?!?! There was this avocado roll (the green one) which would have to be my least favorite. There wasn’t any taste too it. But everything else…the baguettes, bacon rolls, cheese croissants, cheese rolls, rolls, rolls, and more rolls… ALL GOOD! 😀

Le /Homard- Maine Lobster in turnip ravioli- OKAY. Lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Robuchon. This starter was delicate, juicy, and fresh. It was a hearty lump of fresh lobster wrapped within a thin piece of turnip ravioli. The lobster meat itself was sweet and tender while the outer wrapping was slightly sticky, chewy, but perfect!

Even more bread?? For what??….

Le Foie Gras- Classic Landes foie gras terrine w/ date & lemon confit- It was 2 thick, perfect cylindrical pink fois gras terrine accompanied with two bits of date jam. The foie gras was presented simple enough, but perhaps just to mask the richness and smoothness of the terrine. I actually didn’t have any. But I heard praises about this…and a LOT of them. (Not the biggest fan).

Le Saumon- Semi Cooked Norwegian salmon w/ crunchy marinated vegetables– I had the mistaken impression that my main would not suffice…So I added an appetizer portion of the salmon (be warned- it’s practically a main, in size). The salmon was perfection. Moist, juicy, with a soy glaze infused inside. A bed of minced vegetables blanketed the salmon. And, a delicious sweet potato mash finished off the salmon perfectly.

La Joue De Boeuf Wagyu– Slow Cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek w/ aromatic spices, seasonal vegetables- I only had a bite of this….BUT MY GOD. It was good. The Wagyu beef was just the right size and texture and the subtle crunch of the vegetables made it the perfect combination. The beef cheek itself was flavorful, saucy, and mushy. I know mushy is not the best way to describe it- but it was!!! Melt in your mouth mushy-ness 😉

Les Spaghettis- Spaghetti w/ a poached egg & sea urchins- How do I explain this creamy, cheesy, yummy, delicious concoction. It’s topped with uni (sea urchin) for God’s sakes! Decadent, creamy uni lay a top a bed of thick winding spaghetti noodles. I’m not done yet 😉 …a hot, runny poached egg yolk melted into the entire pasta dish…makes this entree…out of this world!!

Le Black Cod- Cod fish filled marinated in sake & mirin w/ miso sauce- Japanese marinated black cod is one of my most beloved joys of dining outside. And, Robuchon didn’t disappoint. The ingredients were simple enough- the black cod which was essentially cod fish marinated in mirin, sake and miso. There was a subtle sweetness of the miso sauce that really brought out the delicate tender flavors of the 2 giant cod’s. I feel like I’m eating WAY too much fish….The fish itself was juicy, tender, and fell apart only after placing it in your mouth! 😀

Mashed Potato Puree– My goodness. The famed mashed potato puree was everything it was hyped up for! I once watched the food network channel and Robuchon was the man of the hour. He was showing the world his beloved secret about his famed mashed potato- Here it is, fellow readers…“Plus de beurre”, yes, the direct translation would be “ADD MORE BUTTER”. Every bite was hot, sinful, creamy, milky, and yes…buttery. Mashed potato heaven (on earth)…right here. 🙂

Petit Feurs- I was STUFFED by this point. So, I didn’t have a chance to eat them….But they sure were pretty to look at 😉

Have a great week everyone!!! <3 Stay warm and dry!

L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon 2166 9000 

Shop 315 & 401, The Landmark,

Central, Hong Kong 

 <3 Always, Jess