Romantic night out at HAKU in Harbour City

KK and I went out for date night and decided to give HAKU a try. We made the booking about a week in advance for their 6:30pm week night seating. It was pretty much near perfect except for one thing… Read on to find out what and why.

HAKU is tucked away in a corner of the gigantic Harbour City mall. A single handwritten menu is displayed in the front entrance with seasonal dishes that awaited us.

The service was spot on…they overheard it was my birthday the week before and surprised me with a bday treat at the very end of the meal. HUGE points for this lovely little gesture.

The single handwritten menu highlighting the many courses to come.

We start the meal with a refreshing yet strong mushroom dashi.

Some more bites followed like their signature nori cone with minced bonito and dashi foam! This was simply lovely.

More little bites!

The scallop dish came first. The presentation was stunning but the actual dish was very tiny…

Thank GOD this came! Their signature uni dish. A light and buttery brioche with butternut squash purée and uni. This was superb- definitely one of my favorite dishes of the evening. The butternut squash puree helped cut the rich and sharp uni and added the perfect amount of sweetness. LOVED THIS.

The foie gras dish was another favorite of ours. It was a gigantic piece of rich and decadent foie gras but it blended so well with the creamy and sweet chestnut puree.

They show you the aged Ohma Toro and it was BIGGGGG.

Then you get this lovely dish. The Ohma tuna tartare with a nice serving of Caviar on top. WOW! The above portion is to be split amongst two people. KK and I happily fought over it.

We couldn’t wait for this NEXT course! The Kagoshima A4 wagyu beef was impressive. Can not wait to dig into this…

But were we disappointed. Instead of the earlier presented two cuts of beef cooked over charcoal…we got two very thin slices of beef (above)…and I hate to say this…but mine was only lukewarm, even borderline cold. The plate was hot but my two thinly slices of beef was not even warm. :/ Very disappointed by this beef course.

Thank god this dish came out…sort of saved the last dish. The spicy King Crab rice porridge styled dish. Super rich, flavorful and hearty.

Sake infused dessert.

Nashi Pear shaved ice and panna cotta was refreshing and light.

Their cotton candy sweet ending. Overall, it was a great dining experience and meal. Everything would have been perfect except for that one dish…the beef. We ordered some wine so it came out to about HK$1,800 a person. Also, we left feeling hungry and an hour later ate again…

Haku, Shop OTG04, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, t:2115 9965

Peace, Jess #eatwithjess #seewithjess