Rummin’ Tings

Rummin’ Tings is brought to us by Rohit and Harsh Roopchand, the brothers behind the super cool Fatty Crab restaurant and Manoj and Manesh Chellaram, the brothers behind the social networking/ lifestyle platform: The Edge.

Rummin’ Tings a Caribbean inspired bar and restaurant is every bit as cool as its predecessor. The vibe is fun, loud and super chill. The food menu is very straight forward, consisting of “Lil’ Tings” and “Tings”, all designed for sharing.


Spinach artichoke dip and crispy deep fried chips. I loveeeeeeeeed this starter. That spinach artichoke dip was so flavourful and hearty.


Sticky Island Ribs!!!! I LOVE ribs and these babies were all super tender, juicy and practically fell off the bone! So far- so GOOD. I heard hit or miss about the dishes here but so far everything has been absolutely delicious.


A basket of Jamaican beef patties. The pastry was perfectly flaky enveloping a packed full of spicy beef which goes terrifically well with the tangy hot sauce!


Baked mac and cheese! Look at that cheeeeeese- I wished it was a bit more moist though! Seriously, this place has all my favourite comfort foods.


The jerk chicken was awesome. I loved the grilled charcoal taste and spicy kick- it was packed with so much flavour. The chicken legs were a bit small- if only they had a bit more meat! Would’ve been perfect.


I love me some cornbread! This was superb. Ragga Muffins as Rummin’ Tings calls them- were awesome. There was a perfect balance between sweet and savoury, every crumb was scrumptious!! I could have ordered another basket all to myself. Loved the dipping sauce too. Definitely a must try.


Clams were pretty good but nothing spectacular- I would have to say this was my least favourite of the bunch.


Carrot cake for dessert. Lovely multiple layers of sweet, moist, mildly spiced cake that are flecked with carrots, nuts and pecans. YUM!


Fun girls night! I’ll be back for some of the returning goodies as well as the other Rummin’ Tings dishes!

Rummin’ Tings |G/F, 28 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong | +852 2523 7070 | Closed on Sunday


<3 Always, Jess