Ryu Gin

OMG. How did this post get lost in the shuffle? You know me….I LOVE ME MY JAPANESE FOOD(post)! This is an oldie, but let me give you a little background info on this luxe kaiseki restaurant. Ryu-Gin offers a seasonal/monthly set tasting menu- they don’t offer a la carte- and their menu’s are set (unless you have allergies or cant eat something…let them know ahead of time!). It’s fine dining at a high high scale. And, I mean that because its nestled on the 101st floor of ICC in Kowloon. The view is breathtakingly stunning. The delectable 10 course tasting menu takes roughly 3 hours to enjoy. All for a measly small fortune of HK$1,980. (And, thats only if you don’t add any wine or sake…which we did of course)….It’s not cheap, people. This is the first overseas RyuGin restaurant but boy, was it good.


On top of the world….the glittering view of Hong Kong. I went for dinner one evening. Good company, great view, and amazing food!


First up… 1) Cold “Somen” Topped w/ “White Shrimp” and “Premium Caviar”, scent of “Sudachi” : This was uber refreshing. Right off the bat.  A cold, fresh burst of rich caviar, sweet white shrimp a top one of the best somen noodles. Perfect starter.


1 down…9 to go! YIKES


Yum yum yum!!!! 2) Deep Fried “Premium Sea Urchin” from Hokkaido wrapped with seaweed. Just the name alone is wow! It’s a hot deep fried sea urchin dumpling!!! So full of flavor and gently wrapped within a fried tempura mix seaweed coating. So good….


3) Japanese Sweet Corn Tofu: This sweet corn tofu is surprisingly good. Not my favourite of the night. The texture is very different. Slightly sticky, mushy, but still yummy!


4) Soup made with the essence of “Hamaguri” clam, usuimame beans and bamboo shoots. The ginormous clams texture, taste were delicious. Perfectly crunchy and was that soup flavourful!


5) Sashimi of “Yokowa” baby tuna, Spring onions, w/ fragrance of shiso leaf and lime. This baby tuna sashimi was soooo fresh, light and refreshing. But tuna’s not my favourite type of fish- so this was just alright for me.

We’re halfway done!


6) Charcoal grilled “Alfonsino” covered w/ “Roasted Rice” Mmmm..Me like! This was beyond good. The crispy, crunchy, chip-like roasted rice was the perfect coating for the soft, juicy and buttery alfonsino fish. Wish I could repeat this dish now.


Side Veggies and juicy pickled cucumbers! Pretty self explanatory.


7) RyuGin interpretation of “Katsudon”- “Wagyu Beef Cutlet” w/ “Onsen Tamago” and red onions: But these were probably the best things ever. These juicy, delicious beef cutlet had such a good fatty, marbly texture. And, the perfect poached egg, perfect red onions side. Everything about this dish was perfection.


8) Slimmed whole “Ezo” Abalone w/ Abalone Reduction over Shitake Mushroom Rice: I’m not the biggest fan of abalone- but these ginormous abalone were executed deliciously. Hard, crunchy, nicely seasoned- similar to the giant clams from above.


9) Ryu Gin Specialty: -196 degrees Cel’ Candy Strawberry & +99 degrees Cel’ Strawberry Jam: This was interesting. The outside is a hard candy like shell- but once you bite in- you taste the delicious frozen strawberry ice cream, and strawberry jam. It’s a awesome burst of flavour.


10) Meringue of Cherry Blossom- Almond Flavoured Ice Cream w/ Fresh Cherry: Yum. Simply put. The homemade ice cream is deliciously whipped. Soft, creamy, fluffy. Stuffed.


Finish off this massive gourmet meal with green matcha! A nice soothing hot matcha tea….Oh boy. My stomach can not contain anything anymore. Am I stuffed!!!

Ryu Gin…is an experience to say the least. The whopping 10 set course is amazing, delicious, but pricey. But highly recommended- it’s a splurge and indulgence, for sure. But…worth it!



<3 Always, Jess