School Food: Korean Frenzy!


Restaurant: School Food

Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

ContactShop 1302, 13/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2480 3666

Average Price per Person: $150-$200

Cuisine: Korean, Fast Food, Snacks

Must Try List…YUM!: Blooming Mari (Beef), School Naengmyeon, Chicken Ganjeong, Topokki

Service: 3.5 out of 5

Jess’ Overall: 5 out of 5 LOVED IT!!! Fun, affordable and tasty!

Jess’ Tip: There’s no reservations for School Food. So go early, or during non peak hours! Go in GROUPS!! Perfect for sharing!


One of the most popular Korean restaurant joints, School Food has invaded Hong Kong!!! The colourful, upbeat and lively (they play K-Pop, various pop songs blasting from a jukebox) eatery opens its door to hungry diners earlier this month in Hong Kong. This will be the chains impressive 87th store opening and 1st eatery in HK!!! WOW! 🙂 Inside foodie haven Times Square in Causeway Bay. School Food brings diners a pop of colour and hearty, filling Korean staples! There’s a no reservation policy: so make sure you go early, or else expect long lines. We finished our meal close to 3pm and there was a small line of anxious waiters.

Jie and I were invited to a tasting along with Carmen from HipHongKong and Val! 🙂 Lets begin….


We start off our lunch with Athie’s! “Athie” is a refreshing fruit drink that is blended in with fruits and soda. They come in jugs and are served for 3-4 persons.

(Red/Orange one) Ruby Orange Athie $88. (Blue/Green/Lime-Sully colored from Monsters Inc) is the Pineapple Athie $88. These drinks were delicious. Refreshing, fizzy and sweet. All came with fresh real fruit bits!! Great for sharing!

Jess’ Fact: The concept of School Food and how it begun is simple enough. A famed private dance teacher made snacks”blooming maris” for his students…which quickly grew into what it is today…..87 stores and counting… 🙂

Mari: A roll, a Gimbap combined…gets you this delicious, healthy “sushi” alternative! Everything was made to order. The maris came out hot! I liked that…


Squid Ink Mari $68. Yummy black squid ink rice rolls…A hint of spice and kick! Nice and light!


Spam Mari II $62. Fresh mozzarella cheese and egg bite sized rolls. They have a thin egg wrapping enveloping the delicious cheesy mari! 🙂


Blooming Mari (Beef) $62. This was my favorite mari. A classic marinated beef (bulgogi) roll. I love bulgogi and this did just the trick! I like that they don’t use too much rice in their rolls! Perfect starter.


Deep Fried Shrimp Mari $62. This was a pretty display. The lightly fried shrimp added a crisp crunch to each bite!


Jie mulling over which mari to have next! (We over ordered…because we had a LOT more food coming!!!)


School Naengmyeon $70. I really liked this cold noodles dish. It’s a iced, light, sweet clear soup base with slices of radishes and cucumbers! Refreshing!!


Topokki: Street Topokki w/ Melted Cheese $68. This was DELICIOUS. Mini rice cakes showered in a EXTREMELY hot and spicy sauce covered with oozing melted cheese. Eat it while its hot before the cheese stiffens up…This was amazing, only if you can handle spice!


Pan-Grilled Butter BibimBap w/ Pickles (soy) $80. Yummm…my favourite rice dish! The egg is a masterpiece. Just look at it. 🙂 Pretty lil’ thing! “Looks just like an ice cream” -Jie.


Close up of the pickled veggie and beef strips…Mix, Stir…Enjoy. 


Chicken Ganjeong Green Onion Salad $78. These babies were AMAZE-balls!!! One of the better tasting fried chicken bites I’ve ever had. It had a thick fried coating around the juicy, moist dark meat chicken!!!! Even though these puppies were fried- they tasted amazingly light. Perfect amount of crisp and juicy-ness. The spicy leek and green onion salad was a good contrast!


Pan-Grilled Kimchi Bokkeumbap $82. Mmmmm..Kim Chi Fried Rice.


FEAST ON. Bring it……like the big portions and family sharing style!!!


School Food Patt Bing Su (for 4 persons) $158. Chocolate, Vanilla, Espresso, Strawberry Ice Cream w/ Raspberry & Caramel Sauce…along with flavoured shaved ice and fresh fruit bites!!! YUMMMMM…Refreshingly light- the Movenpick ice cream was the perfect combo. There was chocolate bits, fruit in every bite..Loved this!!! Great ending.

School Food is delicious, yummy, and quite the bargain. It’s pretty big portions and very reasonably priced! The place is fun, lively and perfect for big parties! I look forward to coming back and trying the other dishes! 🙂

School Food, Shop 1302, 13/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2480 3666
Quote inspired by the Sully Coloured ‘Athie’ (Fruit drink from above!!)
Have an awesome day people!!!! 🙂 THANK YOU so much for reading!!
<3 Always, Jess