Shanghai Part 1

This is a story of a girl… Who ventured to a dangerous, mythical and distant land…a place called Shanghai (bird flu central…Yikes.Don’t worry. She’s ok, though) and lived to tell the tale. 🙂

On the first two days. Hotel lounge was a haven for this brave gal!

Braving the blistering and vicious cold (brrrr)


The next day…She Explored the beauty of the magical city with her dearest mami!


And the discovered a COFFEE BEAN (hidden in a abandoned alley way *ok ok, it was on a main touristy area/ a huge intersection…but nonetheless..YEEEK Squeal. LOVE* a remnant of a land far far away. You bet this girl filled her tummy with some yummy hot cocoa alongside a pinch of skim milk!)


Warmed her right up…. 🙂


Awesome bonding time. Love you, mami

The reason for this mission. An epic family reunion, unlike any other (I’m exaggerating… But was it amazing to see the entire family together again… Yes, it was crazy, chaotic and at times stressful… We have a BIG family. Lots of people….) but nonetheless… It was pure joy. Love you all so so much.


Cousin Love… 🙂 Love you all so so much.


My beautiful, gorgeous, and loving aunties & mami! Love you ladies all so much.


The cutie pie on the Left (yellow crown hat) is my grandma, Abu. 🙂 And, the lovely lady on the right…二外婆, her sister。太可愛了。Too cute. 


Love you, Abu. Now, go and call your mom, grandma, dad, aunties, uncles, siblings, cousins… loved ones …let them know you love them 🙂

To be continued…Loads more pictures coming your way.


That’s right 😉

url-2 don’t have to call someone today…maybe give someone a hug…that’ll also do the trick 😉 Have a Beautiful & Blessed Day!

<3 Always, Jess