Shanghai Part 2

Yes..this is part 2, and etc…. 😉 Have you read Part 1, yet?

The girl (that would be me) feasted on all types of cuisines… Hotel lounge (mixture of things), Cantonese (not sure why? Since I live in Hong Kong), Western, Italian, and even Taiwanese food…. Before finally scoring some authentic city eats. About time.


On the third day of her journey…. She feasted on the most exquisite, delicious Shanghainese(post)  meal…..(well many more followed after this one…more on those other meals later.) The family gathered happily, wining and dining on platters of meats, glorious veggies, and simply scrumptious Shangahinese delicacies..


A heaping mountain of saucy crab meat, roe over crispy broccoli. These babies were SOOOO good….Heavenly yet deadly (cholesterol heavy).


Crab Nian Gao (Rice Cake). OMG. The soy-infused sweetness, savoury, sticky, soft, chewy (etc) and oh sooooo satisfying rice cake!


Sprouted Fava Beans…Mildy sweet, crunchy and my abu’s (grandma’s) favorite!


Tofu and Chinese Cress with caramelized pecan pieces. It’s a cold dish that’s finely chopped and really refreshing! LOVE.


Mini Deep-Fried Shrimp & Mini Shrimps w/ VinegarThe deep fried babies were crispy, crunchy and (easily could have been over-abused.)


Last but not least…funky looking XIAO LONG BAO’s…I swear these tasted amazing. Shanghainese food is synonymous with these little darlings.. “soup dumplings” which are essentially pork dumplings with juicy hot soupy broth inside them!!! Mouth drooling yet??

hope images

🙂 Thank you all for reading! Loving all the feedback… I’ll try and write more…Sorry!!!! :)) Have a beautiful and blessed week!

<3 Always, Jess