Shinshu in Kennedy Town

Shinshu in Kennedy Town offers affordable Japanese food for a fraction of the cost (compared to other Japanese omakase spaces.) I’ve been once for a quick lunch and back again for a late dinner! This time I whipped out my camera to capture all my eats. “The camera always eats first!”

The decor in Shinshu is dark, simple and minimal. You can sit around the sushi bar or around the few tables they have. We went for the omakase dinner meal which was HK$780 (most high-end omakase meals cost HK$1,200 or much more.) Yikes.


We ordered an extra order of seared toro and regular toro sushi on top of the omakase meal. Look at the TORO!!! These babies were juicy as hell. I loved the fatty seared toro sushi! It was seared to perfection #TOROFIC  <3


Some snacks and sake to start our dinner with.


A selection of pretty fresh sashimi. I especially liked the sweet scallops, toro, and mackerel. The sashimi were all quite tasty.


The fish soup was warm, light and refreshing.


The sushi selection had a few hit and misses. The uni and unagi were extremely flavourful but the rest of the sushi fell a bit short.

We were still a bit hungry so added some extra orders of yakitori!


The ox tongue was bomb!!! I loved the rich and deep flavour of the tongue. It was perfectly grilled and nicely seasoned. I really, really enjoyed these babies.


The chicken soft bone was another winner in my books. I liked the soft, flavourful and crunchy chicken soft bones! It was a perfect hot snack for our hungry tummies.


Last but not least: dessert with our omakase meal! I’ll definitely be back again but probably just order a la carte and order more of the yakitori items! Overall, it was good Japanese food for a reasonable price.

Shinshu, Shop 5 Grand Fortune Mansion, 1 Davis Street, Kennedy Town | 2872 0522


Lots of <3, Jess