Shoku is the sister restaurant of Kishoku (a favourite of mine for Japanese in CWB) so I was excited to be invited to a tasting at this beachfront restaurant in the ever expanding Repulse Bay hot spot: The Pulse. Shoku boasts the largest binchotan in Hong Kong. They provide Japanese classic dishes, fresh seafood and a impressive grilling station (a magnificent charcoal grill in the centre of the restaurant- its hard to not look away!) The food is fresh and delicious (but the price is a bit on the higher side), service is great and I loved the modern yet classic design of the space. Be sure to sit around the bar where you can watch all the action happen!

Toro and Uni hand roll $168 was superb! Whats not to like? The hand roll was filled with a very generous amount of toro and uni. We packed these babies away really quickly!

Whole Avocado with mixed leaves salad and shoyu dressing $138 The serving size was huge! I loved the texture of the creamy avocado with the blend of the fresh mixed salad leaves.


Mixed salad leaves with tofu and sesame dressing $128. Another winning salad dish. I loved the spicy sweetness from the sesame dressing.


Spanish Red Shrimp. The shrimp was delicious….absolutely plump, sweet and juicy. The yuzu sauce added a nice citrusy contrast to the sweet red shrimps.

A beautiful plate of Japanese Jack Mackerel sashimi $328. The Jack mackerel sashimi portion was gigantic….as well! We were getting pretty full but still had a lot of the tasting menu to come. Absolutely fresh, juicy and appetizing.


The deep fried botan ebi shrimp heads. I demolished this. I loved how crunchy and tasty the shrimp head was. It was succulent with so much flavour and taste in the shrimp brain.


We also had a variety of cocktails, champagnes and sakes to go with our meal. 🙂


Grilled whole Abalone $268. I never used to like abalone- but now, I’m obsessed. This grilled abalone was so soft yet chewy and I loved the delicate balance between the tender abalone and the flavourful soy sauce.


Mackerel and Sweet Shrimp sushi. These were good but had a lot of extra rice packed in with the delicate sashimi.


Japanese fried hormone free, free range chicken (on menu) $228. The crispy chicken skin was on point and the tender chicken meat stayed juicy and sweet on the inside.


Grilled oyster with uni sauce $168. OH. These babies were good. I’m not usually a fan of grilled or cooked oyster- but this was terrific. It was drenched in the creamy, mouthwatering sweet uni sauce.


Grilled Live Orange Roughy Kinki $1280. OH!!! And this kinki was bomb. The kinki meat was so soft, moist and juicy and I loved the contrast yet balance of the thinly grilled kinki skin for an additional texture and crunch. I wish I wasn’t so full because I would have ate the entire fish. This kinki fish is gigantic!! A MUST order!


Slow cooked Wagyu beef short ribs $298 This wagyu beef short rib was superbly moist and luscious- the sauce was a bit strong on the already tender and juicy wagyu short ribs!


Shoku dessert trio $188 (the following three) Shoku panna cotta was nice, light and creamy.


This Shoku dorayaki. 


I LOVEEEEED THIS! It was incredible. Lightly fried Hokkaido green tea milk pudding. It was my favourite of the dessert trio! This one is a must eat for dessert lovers. Creamy and hot on the inside with deep fried shredded coconut shavings on the outside. Amazing.

I’ll be back again, but I’ll be sure to bring an extra stomach or 2, 3, or 4! The food is terrific (just a bit on the higher side) but I had a great time. Its a nice getaway spot- you don’t feel as if your in HK anymore. Book early, people!

Shoku | G/F, Shop 109, Beachfront, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, HK. Repulse Bay |852 2808 2333


(Guess this means I’m hitting the gym today.)

<3 Always, Jess