Snack at Mak’s

Snack at Mak’s Noodles! Mak’s Noodles is a staple wonton noodle shop in Hong Kong with branches in Jordan, The Peak, and in Central. I’ve always been a fan of this infamous wonton noodle shop but I’ve never been a fan of their small portion. The famous wonton noodles consists of plump wontons that are tiny, delicate and delicious served inside a mess of noodles soaked in a hot clear soup base. Alrighty, time for a snack at Mak’s!


C and I ordered one of each for a quick afternoon snack. I went with the hearty beef brisket, wontons noodle soup $57. C went with the original wonton and noodles $43.


A quick glance at the menu.


Another look at our yummy snack- we devoured everything (including all of the soup base!)


My beef brisket, wonton noodle soup was delicious albeit a bit small. It’s not something that would suffice as a meal but it sure works great as a snack. The bonus of going in the afternoon- ZERO lines! We were immediately seated, quickly ordered and hastily stuffed! If you are visiting, make sure you hit up Mak’s Noodles for a bowl of their famous wonton noodle soup.

Mak’s Noodles | 麥奀記 Wellington St., Central | 852 2854 3810 


Lots of <3, Jess