Greek, Greek….. I’m going Greek! I haven’t had too much Greek food in HK! I’ve heard quite a few good things about Souvla for a while. Serving up authentic Greek dishes with a new twist. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! So I finally got to try out the new hip eatery Souvla in LKF! Most of the mains were $300 plus, and a lot of the starters were around low to mid $200’s! The space itself is awesome. Its spacious and comfortable. Dimly lit, relaxed and buzzing with people and food.

Located in the heart of LKF, Souvla is brought to you by Concept Creations, the group that runs Chicha, Frites and Tapeo. I’ve been to all the restaurants from Concept Creations. But Chicha was definitely more of my favourite! Check out my birthday post here!  Their lunch selection is fantastic, so I’ve heard…but sadly I went for dinner… :/ way pricier than what I expected and a bit too expensive for the amount of food you get!

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Ok ok, lets get to the foodie business. I present you Souvla. 


Pita Bread & Taramsalata | Smoked Roe, Lemon, Garlic | $95 | Mezedes | We ordered this pita bread and smoked roe hummus type of dish and it was surprisingly light, refreshing with a fragrant fish taste to it.


Octopus Sti Skara | Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Lemer | $235 | The octopus was a big disappointment …along with this picture. :/ The thin octopus slices were not only really small but flimsy. The taste was limitless….:/ it had the same taste and texture as the haloumi cheese (below) but wasn’t as good as the cheese. 🙁 Don’t order this one.


Grilled Halloumi |Caramelised Fennel, Lemon | $145 | The halloumi cheese was quite good. I really love grilled halloumi cheese…and this was lightly pan fried and then mixed in with greens and yummy fennel! It looked skimpy at first. But theres 3 extra pieces of halloumi cheese hiding underneath the greens!


Grilled scallops | Almond skordalia, manouri cheese and tsoureki crumbs | This was delish! Scallop was grilled perfectly with a creamy raw centre. The manouri cheese with tsoireki (Greek bread) crumbs were every bit scrape worthy!  The almond skordalia served underneath the scallop was the crown jewel. The skordalia sauce is a signature Greek dip which is thick almond and garlic sauce! IT WAS AWESOME.


Sto Fourno | In the Oven | Slow Cooked Lamb | Lemon Greek Yogurt | $315 | I’m not too big of a lamb person. But this lamb was great. Very tender and juicy on the inside, with the perfect amount of gamey taste to it. If it gets a little too much for you- just dab on a little bit of the lemon greek yogurt! Not bad…but once again. It’s expensive for a few pieces of lamb… :/


Cypriot Salata | Grains Pulses, Nuts, Currents, Honey, Cumin, Fresh Herbs, Yogurt | $100 | This side was perfect!! Had the best of all flavours. It was creamy, but crunchy, sweet and salty! Fresh and simple!! I loved the entire mix of it all! 🙂 Definitely must try!!


Durum Beet, Silver Beet, Feta, Raisins, Durum Wheat | $95 | This was a nice refreshing side. And I the feta cheese was nice, sharp and strong. A perfectly balance among the green salad and sweet thin beets!


Souvla, Split Roasted Meat | Pork | Honey Mustard Skordalia | $265 | Sadly another disappointment. The pork pieces were practically all fat… (not edible) while the “lean” meat was anything but lean. It was really hard, dry and hard to cut into…. :/

I probably ordered the wrong dishes.  The staff and service was great. The ambience is nice too. But I dunno. Overall, there were some good sides and okay mains…:/ I think I’ll come back for lunch (I heard the buffet portion is great) but dinner…I might have to pass.


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<3 Always, Jess