Spring Moon

Did you know the Peninsula in Hong Kong is the flagship (first ever) hotel for the entire hotel brand?! Well ours truly, Peninsula which is not only the flagship hotel is also Hong Kong’s oldest hotel. Since it first opened in 1928…this diamond of a place has been a luxe destination for people to stay at, play at and dine at. I’ve been fortunate enough to try out most of the restaurants (which some I still need to post about) like Chesa (post)….cheese, cheese and more cheese.  Along with a My Day in my Life’ enjoying their high tea (post).

Smile! 🙂 So one sunny noon time, I went to have dim sum at Peninsula’s Chinese restaurant: Spring Moon. A group of girls gathering and a lunch meeting to discuss life, food and The Peninsula! Thx C!


Chrysanthemum Tea. Hot tea with dim sum is the best! It helps with digestion (so I’ve heard)…well it does make the meal really soothing.


Warm, honey coated walnuts. These were a nice little starter for the table! But beware: they are highly addictive!


We each had our own shrimp dumpling– I’m not the biggest fans of this! Possibly because I had them way too much before, but the shrimp was definitely very fresh and tasty!


The Sicillian red prawn and minced pork dumplings is Spring Moon’s newest addition. $88 per one! These were juicy and sooooo flavourful! The juices from the soup were red, addictive & good! The skin wrapping was so light and thin it was practically transparent. Nice, juicy and plump. Another fave place of mine for XLB’s is Din Tai Fung (post).


Black Truffle Spring Roll Flower & shrimp and roe siu mai. The crunchy spring roll flower is soooo addictive, it kept breaking off and I made sure nothing was wasted.


Fragrant, healing and soothing Chinese soups! So delightful, rich and I really love this soup broth!


Chinese Choy Sum: which is a Chinese flowering baby cabbage…these are usually my  choice of veggies!


Crispy Water Garoupa Fillet w/ sweet vinegar sauce (per person)$160. This crispy garoupa fillet fish was really well sauced, I loved the flavour and the texture of the moist and juicy fish! Overall it was really nice and flavourful.


Cantonese style thick beef fried noodles w/ beef. This is one of my favourite dishes to order! This was not too bad! Pretty decent.


I ordered the Sweet Almond Soup which made the perfect ending to my lunch! I loved the thick, creamy and sweet almond soup. It was really milky and lovely!


Everyone else had the Chilled Mango Pudding….


And this healthy Papaya Soup!

Overall, Spring Moon is pretty good…but check out some of the other past dim sum spots I’ve been to! Have a great day everyone!

Spring Moon: 嘉麟樓,  The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Tel: 2696 6760.
<3 Always, Jess