St Betty

Sunday Roast. Except it was a Saturday 😉

Woke up bright and early, tossed on my bright blue top and headed over to a “Sunday” roast with jie! 😀

St Betty, located in the heart of Central, sits nicely in a prime location inside IFC. I’ve eaten here a few times- you can even read about my delightful albeit pricey dining experience here w/ Yu Jie!

2 Michelin starred chef Shane Osborn has recently taking reigns over at the Alan Yau’s St. Betty (previously named Betty’s Kitchen). the restaurant is as beautiful as ever. Large windows stream the gorgeous sunlight into the spacious, airy, outdoorsy restaurant!

We’re ready for ya!

Baked fresh French baguette w/ whipped hearty butter...the bread was warm and soft on the inside with a nice outer thick crust.

The feast…..My goodness. Will you look at that?!?! Just for us 2 girls?

    • Josper roasted grass-fed Australian Angus sirloin (served medium rare)
    • Yorkshire pudding
    • Roast potatoes
    • Confit of Chinese cabbage and Japanese bacon
    • Crushed roasted root vegetables (BEST thing ever!)
    • Horseradish cream
    • Gravy

    That’s definitely a feast.

Medium Rare Josper roasted grass-fed Australian Angus sirloin w/ Au Jus Sauce. -The sirloin was lean with a thin strip of fat…however, it was just alright for me. The sea salt drizzled on top enhanced the meat.

Crisp golden brown roasted potatoes. The potatoes were the only sides I managed to sneak a picture of since the other sides were devoured as soon as they arrived.The roasted potatoes were perfectly crisp and surprisingly tasty!!!!

My favorite part of the meal was the delectable side “Crushed roasted root vegetables,” it doesn’t sound too appetizing. But let me tell you..It was. It was mashed veggies at it’s best. Pumpkin, beets, radishes, and carrots (among butter, milk, and cream) made this side amazing. It was moist, flavorful and filling!!! 😀 Perfect side!!!!

Overall, the sides really stole the show.

Finishing off the delectable roast with a delicious Rhubard & Apple Crumble w/ Cream. 😀 OH WAIT….okay… maybe….it was the apple crumble pie which stole the show!! THIS WAS DELICIOUS!!! It was crumbly (like the name) HOT out of the oven. And filled with delicious apple jam filling. It was soooo sinfully yummy! The combined textures of flaky, creamy, and thick was just tooo good. I thoroughly enjoy this dessert. It was sooo wasteful and sad leaving behind a majority of it!

<3 Once again, thanks for reading! Have a great weekend! So, if you guys are interested..St. Betty offers a hearty roast/feast! Are you up for the challenge?

St Betty  2979 2100

Shop 2705, Podium Level Two,

IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess