Steak & Fries! La Vache

La Vache Steakhouse has been generating quite the buzz since its opening. Brought to us by Black Sheep Restaurants group, the beloved group behind Motorino (post), Boqueria and Chôm Chôm. It’s a Parisian dining experience like no other in Hong Kong- specialising in steak frites and steak frites only. I’ve been here for my sister’s birthday dinner (post) and a week later found myself making my way back!

You keep walking up Peel Street, towards the direction of Soho and before you know it- you’ll hit a bright giant red neon cow sign. And you would have hit La Vache. As you venture into the basement, you’ll end up into a Parisian bistro– with red and white chequered table clothes, upbeat music, booth seats, an giant open bar and cute Parisian decor along the spacious 70-seater restaurant!



I skipped ahead straight to dessert…..and some red wine!! JK…Read more to find out what I dined on!


You know exactly what you will be getting. Only option you need to make- how do you like to eat your steak! 🙂 No hassle! The menu is simple: Baguette, Green Salad, Steak (made to your liking) and ENDLESS Fries! All for HK$258. (There’s a giant dessert cart…)


🙂 Drinks anyone?


Fresh Baguette Bread and Butter…the breads pretty tough! Hard and crunchy outer layer!


Green Salad w/ thinly sliced radish, walnuts and a light mustard vinaigrette olive oil dressing! Your standard greens! And you’ll be surprised how big the salad is. It’s practically the size of an entree salad.


Here comes the MEAT! Your steak, a gorgeous stunning cut of rib-eye, mine was done Medium Rare, its already pre-sliced in the kitchen. The super friendly staff first serves a third of the meat, keeping the rest of the steak in the centre of the table, above a tealight candle to keep the rib-eye warm. The rib-eye is then drenched (by you) in La Vache’s secret recipe béarnaise sauce- whats inside??? It’s egg, red and black capers, along with mayonnaise! The ribe eye is perfectly cooked, a nice fatty marbling, flavourful, tender, and hearty!


Then comes the Steak Frites!!! Thin, deliciously crispy french fries– some to accompany the first serving of steak and a hot fresh batch served after.


ENDLESS FRIES! Thin, crispy, hot perfection!!! Dipped in ketchup..OMG. This is definitely a SPLURGE meal.


We looked at the dessert cart…and I went with the Chocolate Mousse Cake!! I was surprised at how delicious this big heavenly piece of moist chocolate cake was! It was incredible. Every bite was decadent and trouble. Mmmmmmm

I do have to say, the first time I ate at La Vache was better- but perhaps it was cause we were non-stop chattering that our rib-eye and fries started getting cold! But overall, if you haven’t tried it. Definitely go!! 🙂

La Vache |48 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong |+852 2880 0248



<3 Always, Jess