Sugar High at Dessert Kitchen

Sugar High at Dessert Kitchen! Dessert Kitchen is a HUGE empire. Their sweet desserts are located far and wide all throughout China, Hong Kong, New York and still expanding. I went one afternoon to their flagship branch in buzzy Tsim Sha Tsui to try out all the yummy goodies. This place is always packed during the evening so we made our way over and luckily got seats during a quieter afternoon time.


Coffee Time HK$54!! Low fat ice cream, a minor brain freeze and lots of coffee jelly made up this treat. I didn’t eat all of it. No way. There were way too many other desserts coming our way.


Their signature dessert: Purple in Love $54. If you’re a fan of grapes…well then you’ll love this. I took a peek and saw that the majority of the people around us also ordered this delightful looking dessert. I enjoyed the mini rice balls packed into this cup, the yummy taro ice cream, and the super sweet condensed milk. <3 Dig in, folks.


I forgot to snap the Japanese style chocolate brownie $40 dish in the back. It was a simple thin layer of powdered mochi skin enveloping the warm chocolate-y brownie. I quite liked this. It wasn’t overbearingly sweet and totally aided my chocolate craving.


My fave of them all….the Taiwanese inspired Strawberry shaved ice dish $47! I LURVED this. The strawberry shaved ice was paper thin and instantly melted at the tip of your tongue. I devoured this one. The menu at Dessert Kitchen is extensive- so whatever craving you have- I’m sure they can help you fix that.

Dessert Kitchen G/F, 12-12A Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui | 2732 2722

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 Lots of <3, Jess