Sunday’s Grocery

Sunday’s Grocery is from the people who have brought us Yardbird (post) and Ronin (post) but this chicken heavy place is definitely not much of a standout compared to its predecessors. I had really high hopes (I’ve been a fan of Yardbird and Ronin) but I must admit was quite let down when I finally tried it. The setting and store is so cute! I loved the interior and concept. But, I think I over hyped it in my head…or perhaps it wasn’t as piping hot once I had it- whatever the case it was- I wasn’t too fond of it.


Great setup and menu!


Love how they’re like a grocer! They sell so many different types of alcoholic drinks, sakes, spirits!


Excited for my order! A Katsu Sando Sandwich, A Regular Fried Chicken & Korean Chicken Meal: with two sides- chicken soup and market chips! The market chips were delicious- all these variety of root vegetables in a delicious honey, sweet sesame glaze and olive oil. I really liked the chips…but everything else was sadly a disappointment for me!


It was a meal- so I was surprised when there was only 4 pieces. HKD$110 for 4 pieces…I’m going to have to say, the price is a a bit steep and I was really disappointed with it. The Korean chicken was nothing special but the fried chicken was still cooked very well.


The Katsu Sando sandwich was recommended to me…


The sandwich itself was not bad! Buttered white toast grilled to perfection, but perhaps I ordered wrong- because I wasn’t expecting the Katsu Sando patty to taste like that. By the time I ate it- only 15-20 minutes after it was given to me, it was already getting very soggy and cold! :/ But perhaps I need to try the other sandwiches…..we’ll see.

Sunday’s Grocery: 66-68 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Western District: 2628 6001

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<3 Always, Jess