Sushi Hiro? Nah, Torishin

Sushi Hiro is a long time staple of delectable sushi and Japanese cuisine…but nowadays HK has more and more places opening up! How do you choose?! Well good thing you have my blog: you can read about just SOME of the amazing Japanese restaurants I’ve been to….

I definitely love me some Japanese Food!!! I think a foodie list for Japanese food needs to be compiled…but theres so many I want to try still: Kenjo, Kishoku…..etc!

Inagiku (post), Sushi Take (post 1) & Sushi Take (post 2)Wagyu Takumi (post)Sushi Kuu (post)Sushi Shin (post), Rei (post) Ryu Gin (post)etc, JUST to name a few…I’ve been lucky enough to try some other remarkable places!! BLESSED. FYI: None of these were for tastings….paid ourselves. (I get asked this question a lot….once again, all my blog posts are paid for ourselves: if they are comped or a restaurant tasting: I will let you know!)


Anyway, back to Sushi Hiro: one late evening, we finally decided on Japanese and hurried into Torishin…which is another establishment from the reigning Sushi Hiro chain. Torishin is supposedly the slightly less expensive establishment with more grilled and yaki items on the menu: but don’t be fooled: the quality is just as good but still almost as pricy as Hiro. :/

THERE WERE QUITE A LOT OF FOOOOD! Oh my…I had no idea we ordered so much. Price wise: its quite expensive….


 Kelp salad. A nice cold refresher to begin with. Along with the beginning starters from above.


4 drinks for me?? 1)Water 2)Soju 3)Diet Coke 4)Hot Tea…I’m surprised I didn’t go use the washroom once.


Deluxe sashimi platter… I think it was $800hkd…for the more standard types of fishes. But they were plentiful and fresh! Very, very fresh but it would have been better if there was more of a variety for the deluxe sashimi platter.


I really wanted UNI…you know me…I love that stuff…So uni sushi rolls & spicy tuna rolls


I’m going to have to say the uni sushi rolls were DELICIOUS…but they were a bit on the pricier side…but boy, were those babies good. I could eat that all night and be a VERY very happy girl.

The grilled items were terrific! Crispy, crunchy, hot and juicy…Foodporn…galore.


Grilled Chicken wing skewers! YUMMY….the skin was absolutely amazing. Perfectly crunchy and the inside meat was sooo juicy.


Ummm…I think this was Chicken Thigh? Chicken Butt? I’m sorry, its been a while….hahaha


Ox tongue…ROCKED!!! SOOOOOO good. It was perfectly cooked! Soooooo meaty and tender! We ordered another stick!


Ummm…Chicken Butt? Chicken Thigh…I’m sorry!!! But if you know what this is…. please let me know! 😀


Oooooh! I know this! CHICKEN SKIN!!! <3 And this was absolutely lovely, crisp, with the perfect crunchy texture.


Ummm…some more Chicken! 🙂 OKAY…I promise…NEXT TIME…I will write down or snap the menu down. I usually do…thats why this RARELY happens. 😉


Second skewer!! <3 🙂 OX TONGUE..Nom nom


Some veggies. Finally! Grilled mushrooms 🙂


Miso Clam Seafood Soup…. 🙂 Yummy in my tummy.


Black Sesame Ice Cream. Perfect sweet ending… 🙂 Great evening.

Torishin, 12th Floor Henry House, 42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay



<3 Always, Jess