Sushi Kuu

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Located in the M88 Building in Central which also houses my favorite facial at Cosmetic Central  is also Sushi Kuu. I’ve actually been to Sushi Kuu four times in July (I KNOW, what can i say? Creature of habit in me)…but somehow I failed to take pictures all four of those times (I wanted to take high resolution pictures with my camera. And, I repeat, not because I wanted to devour everything the second they arrived…)
Well, not this friends 🙂
Girls night dinner….( Can’t wait for more meals with you all….SO, I was fortunate enough that the girls bestowed me the honor of picking where AND what to eat…so I chose…(drum roll, please) Sushi Kuu! Yet..I failed to bring my these are my iPhone pictures, it’ll have to do ;D)
Girls Night <3 Vivian, Me, Mandy & Jie
Girls Night <3 Vivian, Moi, Mandy & Jie
Sashimi Platter (So….I did eat two pieces of sashimi, before I realized to take a picture! WHOOPS)
‘Shabu Shabu’ Pork Salad drizzled w/ special sesame dressing (DELICIOUS & HUGE). Pork is thin, fine, and tender!
Hot Paper Mixed Vegetables…Assortment of fresh veggies in a yozu flavored soup broth!
Assortment of Japanese pickles! Tangy, crisp and crunchy
Salmon Rice….Mixed w/ avacoda, salmon, tuna, salmon roe, crab meat, mackerel! MMMMMM Generous portion! 🙂
Appetizer- Grilled Cod Fish Strips dipped in Buttery Mayo Sauce. It’s hot, chewy, flavorful! Whats not to like?
Vivian!! SOOOO glad to have you back in HK. It was much too long… 🙁
Assortment of Tempura! Shrimp, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Squash, Fish…dipped in sweet tempura sauce! Fresh, hot, deep fried, here’s the kicker..not that oily!!!
Ox Tongue….OH MY. I love this sooo much, i was lucky enough to have 2 pieces! 🙂 Juicy, tender, just the right amount of fat…. 😛 Lucky, lucky me
Across from Viv and I, sat these two cuties!
FREE DESSERT 😛 Black Sesame Ice Cream…….you taste like soft, creamy perfection!
And, if THAT wasn’t enough….Viv got us these AMAZING Bloom cake pops. And, they were..finger licking good.
Thanks Viv! 2 decadent, moist, chocolate-y cake pops to share amongst us! Lucky me….I got the extra sliver 😉
I’ll be back! 😉
Sushi Kuu 2971 0180
1/F, Wellington Place,
2-8 Wellington Street,
LKF, Central, Hong Kong
<3 Always, Jess