Sushi Man

Sushi Man is making waves throughout Hong Kong. The trek over to the far, no, very far Yuen Long may not seem worth it (for those who live on Hong Kong or Kowloon side.) But I guarantee you: it is. Tucked away in the foodie haven of Yuen Long is a small traditional Japanese restaurant: Sushi Man. The space is cozy, traditionally beautiful and filled with the most entertaining sushi chef and team. You definitely get entertained while you eat. The most expensive omakase set you can order is HK$1500 but again, I guarantee you: it’s well worth it. The fish selection is fresh, plentiful and oh so good. What I get in terms of quality, quantity and cut is soooooo much more worth it than lots of Hong Kong side Japanese restaurants! I wont name any names…but this is one restaurant you want to make the trek for!

This definitely rivals for best Japanese restaurant in HK in my books: Sushi Shikon, Mikasaya & Rozan watch out!


The sea urchin/ uni with a fresh botan prawn shrimp cup was perfection. The signature dish of the omakase set is sooo sooo sooo good! This was by far my favourite of the night (but trust me- so many other dishes came at a extremely close second, third, fourth…and that list goes on and on.) The fresh sea urchin was plump, rich and filled with the sweet briny taste that makes sea urchin what it is. The botan prawn shrimp was juicy, sweet and beautiful. This comes at the end of the omakase set- but it is soooo good! Make sure you save room for this HUMONGOUS gem.


We started the night with some candied mini fish.


Onsen egg with “water vegetables” 水菜 was amazing. The light dressing was refreshing and flavourful and I loved the juicy onsen egg yolk. Delectable.


Truffled chawamushi egg. The smell of the truffle sauce was absolutely intoxicating. I practically inhaled this!


Hiramasa Kingfish sashimi. Fresh, plump and smooth.


Ginger and scallion soya sauce to pair with…..


This Bonito 木魚 sashimi! I loved the smokey flavour this bonito had. It was so juicy and paired off terrifically with the ginger and scallion soy sauce. Loveeeeed this.


秋刀魚 Mackerel. Simply breathtaking and delicious.


石垣背 Bering sea cockle. I loved the simple taste, texture and crunch of this bering sea cockle.


Toro. OMG. The pieces and portion size is very generous. The toro sashimi was amazing. The beautiful marbling, fatty texture and juicy taste is practically indescribable.


Liver sauce…but what does it accompany?


Thats what. Abalone with abalone liver sauce. Amaze- balls. Absolutely amaze-balls.


And then a scoop full of rice to go with the leftover abalone liver sauce. WAH!!! I was this close to licking off the leftover abalone liver sauce. Not one bit should go to waste.


Look at the gigantic abalone….a master at work.


Chutoro sushi! WAH…what a beauty. This piece of chutoro was big, juicy and plump. I loveeeeeeeeeeee this place.


醋鯖魚 Mackerel sushi. Look at the spring onion and wasabi on this pretty baby.


Leatherjacket fish sushi served with its liver. This is seriously terrific. I loved the fatty, fleshy liver over the fresh leatherjacket fish sushi. Very, very good!


Botan prawn sushi!  The shrimp was absolutely so sweet and plump. It’s hard not to want more.


Toro Sushi…the fattiness of the toro is ridiculous (in the best possible way). I’m in love.


Seared surfclam sushi. This texture was great and I loved the sear on top!


Ox tongue and cod yakitori! The ox tongue was delicious but the cod was a bit under seasoned.


Seafood miso soup.


An extra order of uni sushi to end the meal with. I’m seriously in love. Yes, I’ll be making the trek back to Yuen Long. Tooooo good Sushi Man. Too good. It’s definitely on my list for best Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong.

Sushi Man | G/F, 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long, New Territories | 2285 9477 |


<3 Always. Jess