Sushi Ta-Ke

On my new laptop! 😀

I finally have access to perma- internet so I can blog now…therefore today was a great day!! Filled with blogging, gym, and GREAT news 🙂 Excited, motivated and a tad anxious. Been blasting Taylor Swift’s new ablum RED!! 🙂 So, thought it was fitting to also wear red today!

Sushi Ta-Ke & Inagiku are my to go *pricy* Japanese dining places! I’ve blogged about them both. You can read about Inagiku experience here and my previous Sushi Take post here! But since this is a new blog website- I figured…why not do one again! 😀

I had the  おまかせ~竹 Omakase ~ Take set, at a pricey $1500 HKD.

This is going to be a picture heavy post 🙂

Succulent Sweet Shrimp & White Shrimp Mix 🙂 So sweet, juicy, and moist. Who am I kidding..everything was.

Mixed Sea Kelp Salad. This was delicious, refreshing and light! It was this slightly sweet and salty jelly like kelp soup!! Yummy starter.

Sea octopus 🙂 I love the texture of this dish- it’s hard and crunchy!!

Flounder sashimi- Thin slices of flounder. It’s literally paper thin, somewhat tasteless (originally)….w/ a tiny dip of soy sauce and wasabi makes it rather nice!


Amberjack Sashimi

Fatty Tuna…:D OTORO! OH MY! This is like heaven… Fatty Tuna is the most expensive and prized part of a tuna fish. (Tenderloin for Beef) It tastes like wagyu beef for fish.. 😉

TORO. TORO. TORO. Marbled w/ thin lines…melts in your mouth….goodness.

Braised “Hamaguri” Clam with Sake- Clams Galore….MMMM in a rich, flavourful seafood sake!!! Loved the strong sake taste!

Grilled Seasonal Fish Jaw with Sea-salt – I actually didn’t prefer this. It was really oily and fatty…I would just prefer more toro! 😉

Sweet White Corn 🙂 Nice, cold, and sweet! Good palate cleanser.

Jumbo Shrimp Sushi- This was a thick piece of shrimp atop a bed of rice. I didn’t really prefer this either.

Ark Shell Sashimi– This had a slime-y texture that was crunchy…quite interesting and different.

Mackerel (This was my least favourite of the bunch!) It has a very strong, fishy taste….I don’t know. However, the chef’s still did an awesome job providing REALLY fresh fish.

Fresh Fatty Tuna (The sushi chef’s were awesome…they gave me EVEN more!) I think they knew I really liked..LOVED it!

Seared toro (fatty tuna) sushi. MY GOD. It got..even better! My sushi chef knows what I like 😉 Hot, melting delicious-ness.

Charred seared toro (fatty tuna) sushi. Blessed. Thank God for food like this. Thank you, Chef!!

Miso Soup w/ Assortment of Seafood (like this ginormous sweet shrimp!) Miso soup, w/ a twist 😀 Seafood overload.

UNI (Sea Urchin Sushi) over a bed of sweet Japanese rice 😀 (This and toro, that’s all I really need….Hmmmm next time I think I’ll just order these two .Perfection). 

Tamago! I loveeee this egg dessert. Sweet egg like cake??? OH YES!

TOFU FLAVOURED ICE CREAM drizzled w/ Caramel sauce- You can’t ever go wrong with ice cream!

Terrific dinner! Sushi Take is consistently on my top five list! 🙂 You can’t go wrong. The food is fresh, service is always wonderful, and did I mention the food (as in- toro and uni are exceptional).

Sushi TaKe 2577 0611

12/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess