TaiChung Trippin’

Taichung Trippin’ 🙂 Another Travel With Jess edition to 臺中! Everyone knows when you travel- you eat (a lot.) You gain a lot of weight and when you finally come back- you gotta burn it all off. Sigh. But for those few days (weeks) you are on vacay- you better go all out! You do it right! Here’s a look at a few meals in Taiwan!!! (I’ll have another post- there was just TOO much good food for one blog post!)

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Night markets are essential in Taiwan. Make sure you hit up the night markets. Taipei has a few and Tai Chung has one REALLY awesome one. Loads of cheap food, clothes, accessories and other knick knacks! This fried squid with lime and pepper was on FIRE. We devoured this easily!!! AMAZE-balls.


Oh gosh…The hunt for boba milk tea, black tea and red tea was insane. I had to get one every time I saw a stand! 🙂


EAT UP at the night markets!! <3


Shabu Shabu. Feasting on a lot of beef!! <3 Look at this beauty. It was humongous. And we ordered TWO plates.

The next 4 pics was all for 1 MEAL (lunch!) THAT’S Insane.


  1. We hit up this uber famous wonton shop with fresh meat and shrimp filling! I loved the rich broth that accompanied the wontons.


2. Fresh red tea with mini boba! Only TWD$20. (Thats less that HK$5!)


3. Lo mien! Fresh minced pork with egg noodles and shrimp balls.


4. Infamous…LU ROU FAN/滷肉飯/ Braised fatty pork over rice…This has got to be my favourite Taiwanese dish. I could eat this all day, every day.!!!!


We hit up HU TONG and feasted like NO other (we ate SOOOO SOOO MUCH!) They use a charcoal grill and are constantly change the grilling board- great service, great food, and great dinner!! <3 A must try in Taiwan.


We went to the first ever boba shop! 春水堂-Chun Shui Tang which first originated in TaiChung and started the entire boba frenzy!!!! The first location opened up in 1983 and seriously- they do REALLY well. The boba milk tea is extremely fresh- which is why they have extremely long lines every time we went! Good job TaiChung.


We checked out the gorgeous Miyahara (imagine if you were transported into Hogwarts or Harry Potter land)….filled with lots of Taiwan teas, snacks and delicacies in the cutest packaging AND they have the cutest ice cream shop!


So awesome!! Look at this place.


Scrap that. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY. Lime Ice cream, Venezuela Ice cream with honey cake, waffles with syrup, cheese cake and cookie crunch. Sooooo awesome and delicious.


Pinococo! A little break from all the Taiwanese food. This half salty pork pizza and salami pizza had an awesome crispy and crunch crust….absolutely delicious.


Lastly for this post- famous pork over dried noodles in a spicy sauce!! You can order it with soup or in broth too! I ordered it with dried noodles. Its spicy and SOOOO GOOD! Wish I could leave my stomach in Taiwan.

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<3 Always, Jess