TBLS Private Kitchen

It’s September and TBLS is still engrained in my mind.

TBLS is definitely in my top 3 of the most memorable meals I’ve ever experienced in Hong Kong. Before I delve into my girly love fest with this private kitchen-(and show you…drool worthy, I’m warning you! DANGER…proceed with caution: may cause urgency to munch, snack and expand your waistline) I’ll give you my three reasons why.

1) The food is top notch-beautifully crafted, delicious and oh-so satisfying (you’ll see why).

2) Atmosphere- Comfortable, modern, and lively. Among the bustle of the kitchen staff laboring away- creating mouth watering dishes right before our very eyes.

3) The right people & right conversation- Ok. So this is probably out of TBLS’ control. However, it was with the right group of people. We all love to eat and appreciate great food. That’s important. But I think it definitely helps when Chef Que Vinh Dang’s private kitchen served an amazing dinner menu. I still dream of this meal. 

How it works? TBLS is a private kitchen that creates monthly tasting menus! So come back every month to see what’s brewing in Chef’s kitchen! But make sure you call and make reservations NOW…seats fill fast! They’re sometimes booked up to two months in advanced!

Amouse Bouche-Ceviche -Light & Refreshing, slightly sour and a tang of citrus! Opens up your palate… 🙂 CAN NOT WAIT…

Soup & Sandwich
Cauliflower and Parmesan Vichyssoise with Truffle Oil
Crab Cake Sandwich with Basil Aioli and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
-This was spectacular. Perfect bite sized mini burger with a hot, crispy crust on the outside, meaty hearty portions of crab on the inside! Perfect blend! 🙂 MY GOSH. Then the soup was cold (surprisingly loved it like that) airy, creamy, light and refreshing.

Yu Jie (Irene Wang, photographer of these close up shots!) 😉 I want to go back. Now.

Private Kitchen– The hard working staff busying away creating foodie delights right before our eyes! Thank you so much.

Goat Cheese Panna Cotta
Roasted Beet Root, Fried Fennel, Balsamic Gastric, Mizuna, Pancetta and Lychee
-This was my least favorite of the night. But even at that..It was divine. The panna cotta goat cheese was a smooth, light and refreshing jelly.

Hamachi Tartare
Cucumber Jelly, Smoked Pineapple, Tatsoi, Salmon Roe, Avocado, Yuzu-tamari Soy Vinaigrette
“My favorite dish of the meal! An array of flavor and texture artfully orchestrated in a single dish, the tint of spice, the sweetness of smoked pineapple, the richness in avocado, the salty pop from salmon roe, I especially loved the cucumber jelly, it brings down the spiciness of the dish like an iced lemonade in a hot sunny day” -Vivian Lam, fellow foodie who also recommended this place. Thank you!
-I could not have said it better myself. OH BOY!!!! We went crazy for this dish…..and we were fortunate enough to get more 😉

So, as the night continued…the five of us (jie and Viv, above) never stopped drooling, smiling, laughing, and taking pictures of our meals! 🙂 Gotcha girls! 😉

Spice Rubbed Chicken & Fried Chicken
Deviled Egg, Baby Spinach, Sesame and Maple Vinaigrette
-An interesting play on two different types to cook chicken. Both were good. Moist, juicy and tender. The seasoning was nice and mild. And, the best part…the fried chicken didn’t taste oily or sinful at all! 😉

Oh no. The end is near…a refreshing raspberry sherbet to clean our palates! NOW..for my favorite(s)

Every dish is filled with love! 🙂 Look at that…OMG………DESSERT!!!!

Jasmine Tea Milk Chocolate bar
Rice Crispy Treat, Chocolate Pearls, Shaved Chocolate, Strawberry Anglaise
 -I’ve died. And, gone to chocolate heaven. I was obsessed with this dessert. It’s everything I look for in a dessert. Milk Chocolate- Check. Crunchy rice crispy AND crunchy chocolate pearls-Check & check. Sinfully sweet- Check. Did i mention, all that chocolate?? 😉 OMG! This was delicious and decadent. I polished it off…. We polished it off. 

I wasn’t joking. We polished it off. 😉 The Girls- Jie, Vivian, Yu Jie, and Valerie! Awesome girls night!!

Ice cream & strawberries ESPECIALLY made for Miss Viv. 🙂 We all had a bite….BECAUSE…we were fortunate enough to have ONE more.

Wow. Look at that glistening honey/caramel jam…MMMM…what’s this? 😉

Creamsicle Macaroon Sandwich
Vanilla Ice Cream, Calamansi Marmalade, Macaroons 

-IT’S THAT!!!!!! OMG! DELICIOUS…Crispy macaroon shell, honey caramel middle, and pure vanilla ice cream. Look how huge that is!! But honestly..I wanted more. Every bite was just perfection. Hats off to the Chef. My gosh.

Close up shots of the rest 🙂 Mmm Mmmm Good.

OMG. I loved this entire meal. It was amazing…I even dare to say, life changing! If you haven’t tried TBLS. Please make your way over. Every creation takes time, skill, and love. And boy, did we all LOVE it. All of us had the biggest grin from ear to ear. Not one of us left a sliver- and gosh, it was satisfying! Can’t wait to see what’s next on the tasting menu’s! DEFINITELY tops in my list!! 🙂

TBLS Private Kitchen 2544-3433 

7th Floor, 31 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong

 <3 Always, Jess