Okay, keep your expectations a bit on the lower side only because it’s definitely not your local eats from Taiwan. I was super hungry and really craving some good ol’ Taiwanese food. Where did we go eat at?! TEAWOOD 茶木‧台式休閒餐廳. Since I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past 5+ years (I know, I can’t even believe I’ve been here for this loooooooong) and I’ve passed by the Teawood sign or seen their stores countless times but have never managed to venture inside. Not that I didn’t want to…but their lines are so darn LONG! So finally close to 3pm after the busy lunch hour- we ventured inside (and to my surprise, the restaurant was still half full! Goodness!)


Taiwanese style braised pork knuckles (豬腳). AHHHHH. Love, love, love. I love the chewy texture of the pork knuckle skin. This was full of flavor and just one of my favorite things to order at any Taiwanese restaurant. Made me super nostalgic.


A big ol’ cup of boba milk tea (bubble milk tea.) Can not go wrong with this one. Bubble milk tea was created in the 1980’s in Taichung and became ridiculously popular. Spanning thousands of bubble milk tea stores instantly. The craze is still pretty strong but has definitely decreased in recent years. Everything in moderation folks. Eating too much of the tapioca balls is not good for you since its basically just made out of starch. The pearls are mostly made up of carbohydrates, and not the healthy and fiber-rich kinds found in nutritious whole grains. They contain a whopping 160 calories per ¼ cup serving (THAT IS A LOT!) But even knowing all of this, I still LOVEEEEE it. So just know…. do not have too much of it. The tapioca balls may be tiny, delicious and cute…but they are deadly, fatty and not at all healthy. Sigh, all the good stuff usually is that way… :/


Finally we killed off a big bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles with lots of spice. I really loved this. The fresh chunk of radish was a nice touch and the beef pieces were juicy and tender. An order of pineapple cakes were also tasted but I forgot to snap a picture. I’ll definitely be coming back to Teawood. Ended up being less than HK$120 a person for lunch! Not bad at all.

Teawood1/F Jade Centre Soho, 98 Wellington St, Central |2323 1778


Lots of <3, Jess