Tenzen in Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay houses a ton of Japanese restaurants that serve delicious Japanese omakase as well as great lunch deals at a fraction of the dinner cost. Tenzen 天膳 situated in Jardine House is one of them. Their lunch deals were reasonably priced but that day we all still opted for the omakase set for HK$1380 (A LOT of food is coming your way and it is so darn goooooood.) The space is simple, cosy and clean serving a fresh selection of sushi, sashimi as well as an a la carte menu with classic Japanese dishes (at a very reasonable price.)


Definitely one of my favorites!! The Nodo-guro sushi (Rosy Seabass sushi!)

  • It’s not a complete list of all the food we ate (got way too hungry, and didn’t do the best job with taking pictures.) Whoops!


The starter was already a sneak peak at all the awesomeness that awaited us. Abalone, Seaweed and monkfish liver. The monkfish liver starter was divine. Sweet, rich and mild.


We had sashimi cuts of flounder and this Yellowtail Kingfish was phenomenal. Tenzen was very generous with their portion size. The kingfish was fresh, rich and tender. Dab a little wasabi with a swish of soy sauce and you’re good to go.


Yummy. I actually really love this creamy crabmeat salad. I would always get it back in Cali. Thanks Tenzen. I liked the sauce to salad ratio- the sauce was evenly distributed!


Next was whelk and the geoduck sashimi. Hubba hubba. Loved the crunchy yet smooth texture.


I opted out of the Japanese oyster that they usually serve and went with this fabulous sea urchin bowl instead. I’m going to have to say…I think I came up! 😉 The sea urchin was fresh, creamy and briny. I slowly devoured this.


This was BOMB. This cup of gigantic sweet prawn with all its goodies and a dollop of sweet sea urchin! Mix it all in. Eat. Smile. Repeat? #Wow


Fatty Tuna Belly #howcouldyougowrongwithtoro ? Perfect. It didn’t need any soy sauce. Pick up, swallow and enjoy the party in your mouth.


Japanese Hairy Crab. This was tasty but nothing mind blowing. The other sashimi and sushi picks were just too booooomb.


Crunchy sea eel bone! Extremely nice. I nibbled away on these while waiting for the rest of the food to arrive.


Grilled Scallop came next and was pretty good but nothing spectacular. I definitely think the sashimi and sushi pieces are the real winners at Ten Zen.


OMG…. this was excellent. Monkfish with monkfish liver sushi!!! <3 Wow. The sushi was off the charts. I loved the balance between sweet and savory.


Ark Shell sushi was great. The ark shell had a strong and deep flavor without being too overpowering. It’s chewy and crunchy but still really easy to eat up.


Engawa sushi. What’s engawa? It’s the edge of the flounder fish. The texture is distinctive- very chewy, fatty and melt in your mouth type of goodness. Very nice.


A hot steaming bowl of rich clam soup!


TOROFFIC. Goodness. This toro sushi was perfection. It was sooo creamy, rich and sweet. I’ve been spoiled and every time I think about toro I just constantly think about Sushi Tokami (they’re known for their amazinggggggg toro selection.)


Toro Maki Rolls! We were soooooooooo stuffed. But still managed to polish these babies off! Overall, Tenzen was great, packed during lunch- I’ll definitely be back.

Tenzen12/F, Jardine Center, 50 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay | 2882 2107


Lots of <3, Jess