Coming back…from SF(post)….has led to a VERY busy week of work 🙂 Yipeeeeee, so last Friday was a busy day…where I worked with Baccarat Magazine…and interviewed the very beautiful Ana R. Thanks Baccarat, love working with you guys!! 🙂 You can read my Lisa S interview here.… and my Qi Qi interview here!!! :)))) 


Youka was the destination…More to come!


Coffee break with Tay Tay at Holly Brown (Post) and we stopped by The 9th Muse to do some shopping!! Congrats again Char!!!! <3

At night…I went to Xi Yan for dinner (here’s a combined post of another time I went!!!)


The Xi Yan Spicy Sichuan Chicken (HK$126.)…this was actually what I was craving…I had it before, but somehow…was craving this soooo much!


Spicy chicken modern rendition… there’s sesame seeds, loads of green onions,  roasted peanuts, century eggs and Shanghainese mung bean sheets!! I LOVEEEE mung beans. I loveee century eggs…I’m really into spicy foods these days…which makes this dish an absolute winner!!! Mouth drooling delicious winner.


Crispy Tangerine Peel Spareribs (HK$88.) Delicious crisp, crunchy spareribs popcorn bites….they had a splash of sweet citrus! Pretty interesting. Eat them while they’re hot.


Baby Tianjin Cabbage in Prime Fish Soup (HK$78)…this baby cabbage was in a nice hot soup stock-only thing was a tad flavourless-I would pass on this one.


String Bean in Salted Egg Yolk (HK$72)– I personally LOVE string beans. Always have had a love for these…and especially these ones which were lightly fried and marinated in some delicious salted egg yolk batter. Sign me up for some more.


Grandma’s Braised Beef Noodles (spicy) (HK$72). This spicy, saucy ‘grandmas braised beef noodles’ was pretty good….but just decent.


Yo MAMA (post) for dessert (this was from my first Xi Yan visit)…


Mmmmm…my fave dessert– FRO YO!!!! 🙂

Xi Yan, Shop 1, G/F, 8 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai (Right next to Pacific Place 3)

Yo MaMa16 Wing Fung Street, (Star Street/beside Pacific place) Wanchai, Hong Kong, 2865 5600, Various Store Locations throughout Hong Kong

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<3 Always, Jess