The BEST beef curry spot in Hong Kong

Yup. I’m going out there and saying it. It is definitely my pick for the BEST beef curry spot in Hong Kong! I’ve been several times and each time- it just doesn’t disappoint. I’ve had it for take out and reheated it up later at night and it was STILL just as bomb. Ladies and gents….welcome to 牛魔王.

I do not know if there’s an english name but you can definitely look up this spot on Open Rice and well on this blog 😉 It’s on 35 Spring Garden Lane and it is DAMN GOOD beef curry.

Hello beautiful thing. With just the perfect amount of beef and fat…this beef brisket is perfection. The beef is tender, fatty and tender. And god, that CURRY sauce. The beef is drenched in this flavorful, aromatic and divine thick curry sauce. It’s salty, slightly spicy (I asked for mild spice) with just a touch of sweetness. I basically drank my plate up. Disgusting description…yes? Delicious curry…ABSOLUTELY! Did I drank up the curry sauce? Pretty much. This beef brisket curry with rice is only HK$57!!!!! And was I satisfied.

Holy moly. I’m drooling….again. I want this all over again.

You can pick which type of beef cut you like…..! We were lucky this time…no wait time…usually it’s packed with people waiting to devour the food.

An iced milk tea for moi to go with my amazing beef curry.

Our bill for 3 people!!!!! HK$213– very affordable. We each got a drink too. I’m soooo coming back here next time I have a beef curry craving and I highly recommend you to come and try this for yourself.

牛魔王 | G/F, 35 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai | t: 2572 3699

Lots of <3, Jess