The best Pho in Hong Kong is Pho Bar

The best Pho in Hong Kong is Pho Bar (yes, oh yes. It is the best deal you can get, period.) Pho Bar is still in it’s soft opening phase but readers, please….oh please go try it. Your heart, brain and stomach will thank you for it. I’ve been hearing a lot of raves about this place ever since it had it’s soft opening a week ago. So I knew I had to try it for myself and boy, was I NOT disappointed. Hidden in a discreet alleyway on Li Yuen Street West in Central lies a gem among gems. I’m already drooling as I write about Pho Bar.


A sneak peak at this hearty, delicious and mouth watering bowl of pho. I finished the entire bowl. Easily. This quickly became my to-go pho spot. I’m going back ASAP. Who’s with me?


The menu is simple and straight forward. It all depends on what type of pho choices you want- you can customise your bowl of pho! The standard pho bowls range from $68-$88! Adding additional meats like brisket, fatty beef, beefy meat balls, sausage, tripe and many more will have an additional cost. More meat it is for me!


Look at that BEAUTY. The broth literally glistens. The broth is easily the winner of this pho! It tastes incredibly flavourful without being too over powering. The broth at Pho Bar goes through an intense process. It’s cooked and boiled for over 12 hours/overnight which is why it has a such a rich, strong and fragrant taste to it. I loved everything about it. I slurped it right up. No drop was wasted.


Look at all that meat! The medium rare beef is actually filet mignon. The taste and texture is incomparable to any other pho places in Hong Kong. I can’t believe the price, size and taste of this place. It’s soooo bomb. Oh, on another note, you can also order zucchini noodles (+$15) which is perfect for days where I want something more low carb. The other noodle options are rice noodles and flat noodles. Ladies and gents. GO ASAP.


We sampled the spring rolls ($28) which were delicious. It comes with a tangy sweet and sour sauce on the side and came out piping hot. I loved the crispy, crunchy deep fried skin that enveloped the meaty filling inside. Must try.


You guys were amazing. <3 Beautifully crispy and golden brown.


We also tried the House special chicken wings ($32) which had a Mexican taste and kick to it. The wings were delicious and crunchy with a spicy chipotle sauce lathered atop. These were perfect snacks to go along with our delicious bowl of pho.

I will be back. Next week (and the week after, you get the point) for sure. <3 I’m in love with this place. If you are in Central, go and do yourself a favour and try Pho Bar. If you are not in Central…make your way over and try it as well!!

Pho Bar | 24 Li Yuen Street West, Central | (Trial period hours are 11am-7pm) GO NOW.


Lots of <3, Jess