The BEST Vanilla Iced Coffee at Sightglass Coffee in SF!

I can not find anything bad to say about San Francisco…not a one, maybe a one…but for the most part – San Francisco has absolutely stolen my little heart. Now Sightglass in San Fran has also done the same.

Sightglass is a small coffee chain (boasting 3 stores in the Bay area) that has been fueling the lives of many. When I’m in SF I usually go to Philz Coffee or Blue Bottle but not this time. I checked out this spot- and I was HOOKED.

Drinks that come in a mason jar makes everything better! We got the Vanilla iced cold brew (US$4.50 ~HK$36) with almond milk….and kids, I KID you not, this was freakin’ amazing! Mini chunks of vanilla beans were on the bottom and the coffee taste was strong, flavorful and rich.

An almond lemon loaf cake which hit the spot. At first I said I would only have a small bite… but I definitely ate more than half of that cake. It had a moist and soft inside and crunchy and rich crust. Good stuff, guys!

Nice spot. Loving this vibe.

Here’s the menu – for those who want to see what else is in the mix.

Fine coffees for a weary world.

Sightglass Coffee | multiple branches in SF 

Lots of <3, Jess #eatwithjess #travelwithjess