The King of Thai Noodle in SF

King of Thai Noodle House, a popular Thai eatery chain is located in the heart of SF, (we went to the one right behind Union Square on O’Farrell Street) and if you’re craving late night bites- this is the spot- this spot closes at 3am.

I was craving eating something Asian for lunch after having multiple Western meals (NO complaints by the way on that…you can read about my experience at Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc here) and we finally decided on a hot bowl of Thai noodles for a chilly SF afternoon.

The King of Thai Noodles– their signature roasted duck noodle soup for US$15, ~HK$118 was DELICIOUS! Piping hot in a super massive bowl with a generous helping of delicious roasted duck. More on this later!

The store front!

Helloooooo SF!

A look at some of their menu options. Extremely American sized portions btw.

A glass of Thai iced milk tea, pre stirring!

Post stirring. 🙂 Love this drink…reminiscent of my one month in Bangkok where I had Thai iced milk tea every day.  

Now back to the main character of this blog post. The roasted duck noodle soup was terrific. The roasted duck was tender, juicy with an amazing strip of skin that was savory, fatty and delicious!! The soup was a Chinese herb soup broth and it was addddddictive. I picked the small rice noodles as my noodle choice and thought it went rather well with this soup broth. I’ll definitely be back when I’m craving a hot bowl of Thai noodles.

King of Thai Noodle House (Chain) | 184 O’Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102 |(t:) 415 – 677-9991

Lots of <3, Jess

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