The Lot on Possession

The Lot on Possession has recently started becoming one of my favourite spots to go to. They opened up not too long ago. A fairly simple establishment. With a small open kitchen, bar and a long dining space area (as well as a outside, bar patio- for smoking, or people watching.) MUST GET: THE BURGER!!! I’m telling you, its awesome!! Definitely belongs in the BEST BURGERS POST on my BLOG!


Off I go! To get some work done, food blog and eat! FREE WIFI!


This week’s lunch menu…I’ve been here a few times!


Fish & Chips. I had a bite of the moist and juicy fish. I LOVEEEE their fries. Its crispy, crunchy, thin and oh so good! Definitely one of the better tastings fries I’ve had. I ordered a LOT BURGER…which picture to come below…is SO DARN GOOD. Their secret specialty! I would definitely recommend.


On another visit; the lunch set which comes with a soup or salad. I went with the Tomato & Cream Soup!


A friend let me snap a picture of their Seafood risotto (which was surprisingly delicious!) …I’m really liking this place. Every dish has been good.IMG_1046

I polished off the Roasted Salmon, over a bed of vegetables, white wine sauce and mashed potatoes. The fish was perfectly cooked. Nice and tender. Very simple and filling for lunch.


Now here is a close up of the BURGER. It’s massive. And OH SOOOO Good…. one of the best burgers I’ve had! I do not lie. Highly recommended! It’s huge, and comes with a side of crispy thin cut fries! PERFECT.


End with some dessert… 😀

I’ll DEFINITELY be back! Had a great experience each and every time!

The Lot on Possession, 22 Possesion Street, Sheung Wan, 2576 7700



Always, Jess