The Lounge

Sorry for the lack of posts! My laptops been on the fritz (internet comes in and out..but TODAY, it came in! Woot woot!)…so I haven’t had any access to internet :/ But I’ll be getting that fixed soon!! Bear with me! Don’t worry…I’m very much still here.

Afternoon Tea, Five Girls, Beautiful Streaming Sunlight, Girl chatter, Four Seasons. The Lounge.

What a blessed life 🙂 Thank God!


As you walk into the gorgeous Four Seasons lobby- you know you’ve made your way into the heart of the finance district as men and women in refined business suits strut on by). We made our way into ‘The Lounge’- and sat by the back corner.  Ginormous floor to ceilings windows spew pouring streaming sunlight into the large dining room! 🙂

Afternoon tea begins from 3pm to 5:30pm. You can choose the single, duetto (bigger parties) or afternoon tea buffet. Since we were a bunch of hungry foodie girls (party of 5, no less) we decided to order the duetto (we’re still watching what we eat, people) and an a la carte order of scones (YUM. I’ll get to those in a bit). The five of us each ordered a tea to accompany our tea set (I had the ginger peach tea. Slightly ting-y and a soft, subtle peach flavored taste. The service was great- re-filling my pot of tea at least 5 times! If you know me, you know I chug water like a camel ;))

Afternoon tea is served. A three tiered assorted delight of sweets, (some more) baked scones, and savory sandwiches.

Lets begin with the scones. We chose the plain scones (you have the choice between raisins or cheese scones too) Classic, flaky, buttery (yet, light) scones that literally melts in your mouth! Warm and toasty. Comes with an assortment of whipped butter, cream, and apricot and strawberry jam! 🙂 This was our EXTRA order of scones…

Dessert plate (I didn’t sample any of these). The five of us were actually not really craving any of these treats and when we told our waiter…..LO AND BEHOLD…..Macaroons, yogurt, tarts, and chocolate confections (these didn’t look very appealing or appetizing).

They served us an extra plate of savory sandwiches!!!!! 😀 LUCKY US! We were all able to try a bite of these mini sandwiches! 🙂 Thank you!!!!

I love me some bread 🙂 Mini bite size sandwiches. They were all nicely toasted, simple, and fresh. A) There were a few square Cucumber, Salmon and Ham sandwiches with a smidgen of butter. Very simple, but nothing extraordinary. B) Egg & Mayo Pastry Bite– which I rather liked, it had the taste of a deviled egg!  C.) Foi Gras Sandwich (I didn’t try this!) D.) Mango, Crawfish Sandwich- Nice, light, and loved the sweet mango taste! E.) Salmon & Cilantro Pastry Bite- This was really good! Stuffed with smoked salmon!

Complimentary Mini Churros & Dark Chocolate Sauce…OH CHURROS. How I’ve missed you so. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a deep fried churro. When I used to go to Disneyland in California (I had an annual pass so I went a lot- a churro was a MUST get)…since coming to HK, I haven’t really had a churro. For those of you who don’t know what a churro is…it’s awesome (okay…not awesome since it’s probably not the most healthiest treat for you)! It’s this deep fried flour, coated in a generous amount of cinnamon sugar…. 😉 MMMMMMMMMMM

Overall, The Lounge was a perfect place for catching up and afternoon tea 🙂 Great, comfortable, and spacious! I’m telling you- the streaming sunlight is a big plus in my books. Not to mention, the terrific service!

The Lounge  3196 8820

Four Seasons Hotel

8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess