The Most Expensive Pasta is at Da Domenico ?!

Could this be the most expensive Italian restaurant for pasta? It definitely is one of the most expensive Italian restaurants in Hong Kong. Da Domenico has an extremely high profile clientele that often frequent lavish hotel restaurants or 2-to-3 Michelin-starred restaurants. Tucked away in a quiet street in Causeway Bay- the simple and cozy restaurant offers impeccable Italian classics (they’re extremely known for their red prawn linguine) but with fair warning of their super strict and hard to please chef (you can hear his booming voice as you eat.) Yikes!


The signature Linguine Gamberi (Red Shrimps) HK$850 was everything I hoped it would be. It doesn’t look like the linguine pasta strands are drenched in this rich, almost bisque like sauce filled with juicy tomatoes, saffron, parsley and chili- but it is! The portion is also very big- can easily be split between two people. A nice hint of spice lingers in your mouth and each prawn had soooooooo much juice and roe- I sucked all of the shrimp heads- clean!


The front entrance of the Da Domenico is easily missed (quite hidden-if you don’t know where or what you’re looking for.) I walked by twice before I noticed the new store front.


This is the partial menu. I literally GASPED when I saw this. The menu prices are sky high! Insane…almost as insane as the US Election 2016 results are.


Another lunch menu option.


Bread basket. Nice crispy and crunchy pieces of bread crisps.


Scamorza (Grilled Cheese) HK$320. This was a beautifully nice, chewy oozing, goey hot grilled cheese. We each got our own…and it’s quite a large serving so I was pretty stuffed already. The cheese was super lovely and rich but definitely cheese overload. Haha!


Last but not least was the Grilled Scampi HK$890. Each scampi was super fresh, simply marinated (so the natural flavors of the scampi comes out), and deliciously juicy. Each head was also filled with a ton of roe! Yum.

I see why Da Domenico is such a fave with their clientele but I think this should be a restaurant reserved only for very special occasions because it’s crazy expensive and it’ll leave a pretty sizable dent in your wallet!

Da Domenico | G/F., 25 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay |  2882 8013 | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12:30-14:00, 19:00-22:00


Lots of <3, Jess