The Pasta Place

What’s The Pasta Place? It’s literally a small blink and you could miss it-hole in the wall type of place. But, boy…is it cute. Tucked away in a small alleyway on Hillier Street in the heart of Sheung Wan. I was invited to a tasting and ventured over one night after work. Personally, I’m not too big on carbs these days- not because I don’t love/live for it! I LOVEEEEEE me some carb-y perfection. Especially ….pasta..or bread. But I’m on a mission to eat clean (post)!!! 


Finished A Film Aid collaboration screening (post)! Thats Sam Branson…I’m an uber fan of his dad: Sir Richard Branson! The entire Virgin corporation and story of how it began is absolutely incredible and very inspiring!! Keep going for your dreams, folks. Whatever it may be!


Bon Apetit! The space is small…seating upwards of 23 guests. The space is cute, quaint and adorable. It’s a nice place to go and grab a quick meal. And, currently there’s not much of a buzz yet. When there is….you can bet it’ll be getting a lot more busy! 🙂 We start with an order of pumpkin soup!


Pumpkin Soup…and crispy bread! It came out steaming hot on a cute platter board…those for serving bread or cheese! Cute!! And, this was by far one of the BEST pumpkin soups I’ve had. Loved drinking every spoonful of it! Delicious.


Beef Ragu on Tagliatelle- This was one of their specials. And it was pretty good! Not too cheesy, rather light. Not too saucy, and was it a big pile of pasta!! BIG BIG portions people. Good for hungry pasta lovers. It’s quite the steal too!!


Mushroom sauce (with Porcini) on Fettuccine (V)...This was recommended to me! But not my favourite! But they have a long long menu. So please go try out the other pasta dishes as well as some paninis!

One thing you must order though is… (we were going to pass on these babies too)


New York style Ginger Gelato Cookie Sandwich with homemade sugar cookies!! THESE WERE SOOOOO GOOD. Delicious and amazing. The cookie was was hard but moist. Sweet and tart-y! This is a must order!!!

The place was rather empty so should be pretty easy to get a table! But it wont be for long. The food is quite good for its price. It’s a nice homey homestyle cafe for some decent big portioned pastas! I do like that…and its really cute to boot. Come check it out!

The Pasta Place, G/F, 8 Hillier Street, 2774 6692



<3 Always, Jess