The Popsy Room

The Popsy Room is a multi sensory gallery. During the day its a art exhibit opened to the public and during the night its a dining venue for you and your party. The chef helms from Caprice and when I was invited to a tasting- I really couldn’t and wouldn’t want to say no. The space is cozy and intimate on Upper Lascar Road in Sheung Wan.

The art exhibits change every few months and they design the menu to go along and match it! The one I got to see was Ribbons & Skulls by Tracy Lee Griffith.

Best of the Night….


My favourite!! I loved FORGET ME NOT | Buttery foie gras rice, silky french chicken roll, baby carrots and micro greens. This was delicious. The buttery foie gras was perfectly mixed in with the juicy rice. The chicken roll was soft, juicy and tender. I scooped up every bite. I really wanted to lick off the remaining sauce. But thats not really lady like….


Auntie and Uncle 🙂 We munched on some bread while waiting for my sister to arrive!


Masquerade | Black truffle prosciutto toastini, quail egg with a light fresh lemon mayo sauce. I loved the hot toastini with the black truffle, cheese and prosciutto. I easily engulfed in within two bites.


Across the Pond | Scallop tartar with crisp shallot and pesto, sliced green apples, tangy mango and sweet strawberry sauce. I love me some raw tartar and this scallop tartar was fresh, lovely and mixed in well with the salmon roe and pesto. Only thing is portion is quite small. Easily gobbled up in two scoops.


World Party | Fresh Clams, crisp watercress and seafood creme soup. You can eat it separately or you can put the clams into the soup. The soup itself is fresh but more on the bitter side. But I really loved the clams. Again, another beautiful piece of art.


Wildbeast | Red wine braised beef cheeks, creamy mashed potatoes with nutmeg, cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant puree and ratatouille. My braised beef cheeks were great. Soft, moist and juicy. I did hear a bit of hit or miss about the dishes but I didn’t have that problem! Really enjoyed this.


Cheers to family!! 🙂 Look at the Ribbons & Skulls exhibit hanging in the back.


Ribbon Vert | Green tea crispy surprise, sweet beetroot sauce, pineapples, gooseberries, red current and fresh vanilla creme. The dessert was such a pretty rice crispy! Aunt and uncle loved this!


Cheese! A little souvenir for all of us.


We had soooooooo much alcohol! Champagnes, white and various red wines. Such a lovely and delicious pairing for all our food.


And last but not least, a beautiful platter of macaroons for us!

Overall I had a great time at this private kitchen! Food and drinks were all great. There were some really good dishes but I definitely want to come back to try the other menus. The food itself were all beautifully plated- such pretty artworks too!

The Popsy Room | G/F, 30 Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan, t: 2234 6711


 <3 Always, Jess