The Ranch in Anaheim

The fam and I went to The Ranch in Anaheim for a meaty and hearty feast one evening. It’s also super close to Disneyland!!!! The Ranch was unlike any place I’ve been to before (The Ranch Saloon, I mean, I’ll get to that a bit later.) The restaurant was your standard fine dining steakhouse establishment. As you walk into The Ranch Steakhouse, you are immediately greeted by very friendly staff. The place is ginormous- with three separate dining room areas (I heard there’s a private dining space a few floors up,) a gorgeous, sleek bar, and you are completely surrounded by dark colored wood everywhere you look and go. You must make a reservation and if you or your guests cancel (the person who made the reservation will be charged US$25 a person for no-shows.) Ouch. Guess this place really means business.

The waiter was extremely friendly, pleasant and knowledgable spewing out the specials for that evening. We all ordered and awaited our food. The bread came out piping hot and shaped like a wheel with an assortment of different buns.


I had a sweet roll and a bit of the jalepeno spicy roll. The jalepeno one had a great spicy kick to it- but be warned, its super spic-ay!!!


Sis had the Caesar Salad US$15, with little gem lettuce, creamy garlic dressing and sonoma dry jack cheese.


Other options were the chef’s daily soup. That night the special was the potato soup with spring onion cream. I had a spoonful and was pleasantly surprised by how tasty, creamy and flavorful it was.


A few of us also ordered the Five Onion Soup US$11 with aged gruyere, yesterday’s bread and guinness. I didn’t try any but it looked gorgeous….Just look at that hot, dripping aged gruyere cheese all atop the onion soup.


This is the New York Steak US$43 with baby dutch potatoes, rogue creamery smokey blue, home-made pancetta, and wild arugula. I had some of this and the steak was cooked to perfection. I loved the sauce that the steak is drenched it. Savory, flavorful and delicious.


Verified Sustainable Chilean Sea Bass US$44 with sweet fennel and North Carolina Shrimp Risotto, Meyer Lemon and Saffron. Wow. So I ended up having half of this sea bass and boy was it delicious. My mom, aunt, uncle and abu all ordered this beautiful sea bass. I split half with my grandma and wowowowowoowow did it blow my mind. The bass was creamy, moist and juicy. I loved the rich, flavorful and smooth bass. This was done really well. The risotto on the other hand was just alright for me- I personally didn’t like the lemon dressing it included.


This was one of the special starters of the evening. A crab meat tagliatelle with fresh cream sauce and green peas. My grandma doesn’t usually like pastas but she loveeeed this and demolished it happily! 🙂 That says a lot. Plus, for a starter it was a huge portion!


MINE!!!! I ordered the special main for the night. A 20 ounce ridiculous juicy and humongous cut of prime rib. The prime rib was pretty good but nothing too spectacular. I think the size and cut was just tooooo big. After the twentieth bite, I still had a lot more to go and it was honestly too much…I definitely prefer Lawry’s for Prime Rib or House of Prime Rib in SF for prime rib! Just my own personal preference.

After the evening we ventured next door into their saloon to find an awesome live band performance, couples dancing and friends drinking away. Super cool and interesting spot. Never been anywhere or seen anything like that (except on the TV series Nashville and True Detective!)

The Ranch1025 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92805 | (714) 817-4200


Lots of <3, Jess