The Spa at Four Seasons

The Four Seasons houses some of the best fine dining experiences (Lung King Heen (post), Inagiku (post), Caprice (post)) in Hong Kong as well as one of my favourite bars: Caprice Bar (post).

After some wining and dining- we decided to go for some ultimate unwinding- at the Four Seasons Spa!!! Woo Hoo. I’m a sucker for a massage. A good ol’ 90 minute deep tissue massage, Thai massage, foot massage- oh man, any and all are Goooooood. I’m ready for some pampering.


As you enter the serene walkway of the Four Seasons in the busy Central area: you are instantly invited into a tranquil, calming area.

The reception area instantly greets you and takes you to their exceptional spa area.


Off to the spacious female locker room. You change, lock up your goodies and get ready to get pampered. Inside the locker room is a sauna, steam room, pool, showers as well as a resting area! I loved their fruit water! SO darn yummy. I went for numerous refills.


Your massage therapist jets you to your room…I can feel my muscles loosening.


Great room! All to myself! 🙂


READY!!! 😀 Excitement level- high! I lovvvveeeeeee massages.


After 90 luxurious minutes….It’ll set you back a hefty HKD$1700 (definitely VERY pricey- but once in a while, this is JUST right). Monday – Thursday: 90 minutes – HKD 1,700).

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong8 Finance Street, Central Hong Kong. (852) 3196-8888

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<3 Always, Jess