Thomas Keller’s cozy American family style eatery: Ad Hoc in Napa

Hey there readers! In beautiful SF right now and just spent a very wine heavy weekend in Napa Valley!

We went to Napa to celebrate #FromChutoHu ‘s wedding and ended up doing all the touristy things you would do in the wine country of Napa Valley like going to awesome vineyards to do wine touring and tastings. You obviously have to match the good drinking…with even more EATING!!!!! We went to Thomas Keller’s Bouchon the day before – and for our last night in Napa we went to Keller’s 2006 establishment, Ad Hoc which serves delicious American comfort food. Each day the set menu changes- and our set menu was freakin’ FANTASTIC. Everyone gets the exact same menu and dishes.(So no food neighbor envy.) It’s US$55 for a set dinner tasting of 4 courses. You have the option of adding a few select items but the 4 courses they offered was more than enough for us.

This was the main course from our set dinner menu and the braised beef short ribs were to die for. More on this later. (Drooling as I’m typing, I swear. A single piece of saliva just spilled out!) 😉

The bread basket was served first. I stayed away from it because I wanted to save my stomach quota for all the food that was coming our way.

The first course was the Romaine Lettuce salad with english cucumbers, red onions, cerignola olives, sunchoke chips w/ generous helping of buttermilk dressing. The vegetables were crisp, crunchy and fresh. We devoured this plate and don’t be fooled by the picture- it’s very American portion sizes!

Back to this beefantastic dish!! The second course was the braised beef short ribs which were absolutely tender, juicy and rich. It was pure perfection. The brown cream sauce at the bottom of the plate was absolutely addictive. I wiped that serving plate clean with the bread! 😉 So much for saving my stomach quota. :/ I just couldn’t stay away from that sauce. That bread definitely came in handy for scooping up that amazzzzzzzzzzing sauce.

The braised beef short ribs dish came with a gigantic scoop of stewed lentils.

…and broccoli gratin! This side dish was another winner. All that cheese does take away from the health benefits of them broccolis…but hey, SO WORTH THE CALORIES. I found out how I could eat vegetables…. Every. Single. Day…if it comes out just like this. 😉

Third course was a lovely helping of Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog (cheese) w/ Bouchon bakery seeded epi marshall’s farm honey and it was loveeeeely. We took half of the cheese to-go cause we were stuffed beyond belief by this point.

I never knew this type of cheese, honey and bread went oh………well…together. This cheese and honey combo was a perfect pair. <3

On Sunday’s…they serve ice cream sundaes…..with all the works!!

WOW. Counting the days till I come back here next and yes I’ll definitely be back at Ad Hoc.

Ad Hoc 6476 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599 | (t:) 707-944-2487

Lots of <3, Jess

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