Tivo Brunch

Kennedy Town has been opening up left and right with new eateries seemingly almost every other week. And well you know me… I love brunch!!! Breakfast foods are the BEST. So, if you want to leave Central for Brunch, you can go check out the bright, spacious TIVO which has just opened up in Kennedy Town a mere few months back. Tivo, (if the name sounds familiar- its because it is)- Wyndham Street’s bar and restaurant, has opened up an awesome, inviting restaurant in Kennedy Town. So lets see if its any good….


Started w/ a Bloody Mary ($88)...SOOOO spicy! I never used to be too much of a fan of these…but somehow along the way, my love for these were picked up and since then, other than a Gin & tonic..this is my drink of choice (two more were consumed…;)) Hmm, I feel like recently my posts have been on the alcohol heavy side. Whoops…Need to change that!


Black lip mussels served w/ house fries. Mussels are in Brittany farmhouse butter, garlic, shallots and white wine ($118). The mussels were awesome! I’m a fan of clams or mussels in white wine cream sauce and this was honestly the perfect brunch dish (for me). We technically didn’t have the typical breakfast brunch items. But thats alright.


Tivo’s in house slow cooked pork belly buns w/ pickled cucumber, leek, house made BBQ suace ($118). I had recently eaten the baos from Little Bao (post), so I’m going to have to say- skip this dish, the bao wasn’t too bad…but nothing spectacular or too good…just alright.


Bucatini w/ oxtail ragu, mushroom, parsley and pecorino cheese ($138). This was bomb! Loved the bucatini pasta in a creamy, rich oxtail ragu….drizzled with pecorino cheese. Absolutely loved this pasta dish. Ate quite the handful.


The delicious house fries that came with the mussels. The fries were crunchy, crispy and absolutely delicious. It was hardly oily…but I don’t know…one of the best french fries I’ve ever had in Hong Kong.


Shall we eat? Happy Brunching. Not a bite was spared. Finished. Hehe.


Yum..yum in my tum! So, what are your favourite brunch spots?! 

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<3 Always, Jess