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20...13Blog Posts that made ‘Eat With Jess’ well...Eat With Jess.

Happy New Year folks! Thank you so much for continuously reading and supporting me on my foodie adventures! You betcha- will be tons more food posts to come! 😀 Believe it or not. I have 104 posts already. No idea. Just found out through my ‘Posts’ tracker 😀

1. My Very First Post (Also my, most commented 😉 Come on. Spare a few minutes. Comment. You know you want to ;))

April 16th, 2011-The post that started it all. 🙂 Thanks Cissy Jie. How it started? I love eating. I love food. I love taking pictures of food. Who am I kidding? I quite like taking pictures of myself and food 😉 and my cousin- Cissy Jie suggested…why not do a food blog. And, well the rest is cyber history. 🙂

2). My Most READ post. Hennessy Artistry Event.

December 4th, 2012- This post got over 650 views in 12 hours! Seriously, thank you all so much for reading! It especially encouraged me to continue blogging more frequently!

2). My Most Memorable Meal of the Year. TBLS Private Kitchen. Hats off to Chef Que.

September 6, 2012- TBLS blew me away. I’m not sure if it was the company, the environment, or the food. But, this meal always makes me hungry for more. 🙂

3) Photoshoot with Paul Gor. His shots is one of my main EWJ food pics 😉