Top 5 Central Brunch Spots!

Update- April 2017- this is an outdated post. New post coming soon!

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day (I sound like a broken record!)! I jump (literally) every morning already imagining my two fragrant pieces of bread toasting away…or eggs…or fruit…or yogurt (and a mix of the above). You get my drift. 😉

So…what are some of my favorite brunch spots in Central of last year?! Lets see! (in NO specific order!)

1) St. Betty (CLOSED)

St Betty, located in the heart of Central, sits nicely in a prime location inside IFC. 2 Michelin starred chef Shane Osborn has recently taking reigns over at the Alan Yau’s St. Betty (previously named Betty’s Kitchen). the restaurant is as beautiful as ever. Large windows stream the gorgeous sunlight into the spacious, airy, outdoorsy restaurant!


Totally ready for a Sunday Roast!!!! <3


Save room for dessert- Rhubard & Apple Crumble w/ Cream…..Oh My.

St Betty  2979 2100, Shop 2705, Podium Level Two, IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong

2) Agnes B- Le Pain Grille (CLOSED) 

Spacious, beautiful, luxe decor sprawled along the dining area. Agnes B, transports you into a Parisian, French eatery (as long as you don’t look out those large windows ;) )Large, glossy windows and mirrors lined the walls- as glorious sunlight streamed in! “L’amour”!


Oeufs brouillés à la truffe noire-black truffle scrambled egg in crispy puff pastry Soft, hot, fluffy scrambled eggs w/ a strong rich black truffle taste over a CRUNCHY crispy puff pastry


Sunday Buffet spread….Look at those macaroons! 🙂

Agnes B 2805 0798, Shop 3093 & 3096-3097, La Loggia, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong

3) Man Wah (Post)

Michelin-starred Chinese Dim Sum! Terrific food, service, company and environment in the Mandarin Oriental!


南翔小籠包 Shanghainese soup dumpling w/ minced pork….I love this stuff!!! <3


酥皮雞蛋撻 Egg tartlet….Puffy, flaky and delicious crust.

Man Wah 2825 4003, Mandarin Oriental, 25/F, 5 Connaught Rd West, Central, Hong Kong

4) The Brunch Club (post)

The quintessential small brunch spot in Soho, Central. Free WIFI. All day Breakfast. Great reading spot!


Breakfast is served! <3


Fluffy Egg White Scramble…. 🙂

The Brunch Club 2526 8861, Ground Floor, 70 Peel Street, SOHO, Central, Hong Kong

5) I Love Breakfast!!!!! (Post)

Fine. I cheated, this is just my SECOND post, where I delve into my love affair with the deliciousness that is crispy toast and fluffy eggs!…I have loads of brunch spots….(not in Central…so expect those later on…) 🙂


Waffles 🙂 <3 Nom Nom Nom


Home made deliciousness…I live relatively close to Central….does that count?! 😉

Thank you for reading!!!! I’m soooo excited to share…Eat With Jess’ readership has grown SOOOO much in the past two months! And, I really appreciate you all for reading, skimming, clicking on my link 😉 THANK YOU.


Take risks <3 Have a beautiful and blessed day folks!!! <3

<3 Always, Jess