Top 5 Japanese Omakase in Hong Kong! #Ohmykase

The top 5 Japanese Omakase in Hong Kong! #Ohmykase <3 Hong Kong is a foodie heaven and Japanese food is never too far behind. You can find good Japanese food basically anywhere in HK. But today I’m going to do a list of some fine dining Japanese establishments that serve the most delectable omakase sets! Of course this list is just what I think has been AMAZING…but making this list was a doozy. There were just too many places to choose from. So in no particular order, here are my top 5 Japanese Omakase Restaurants in Hong Kong. Check out some of my other lists here and here. 😉


All these restaurants will set you back HK$1500 (US$192) a person though. Ouch. But, my friends…well worth it. The food is all UNI need. 😉 In no particular order…..

sushi shikon

Sushi Shikon (HK$3500 per person, US$450) Yes, you read that correctly. Gulp. We start with the reigning champ of omakase in Hong Kong. This 3 starred Michelin gem is every bit what it’s hyped to be. The pristine sushi bar seats a cozy party of 8 people where diners get to see all the action happen. (Sushi Shikon also has a private room.) Not to miss is Chef Kakinuma aka Kaki-san’s amazing knife work as he serves delectable pieces of melt-in-your-mouth type of abalone, octopus and who could forget the uni (among many other fresh cuts of seafood!) Sushi Shikon is a must try stop for sushi enthusiasts.

Sushi Shikon | The Mercer Hotel- 29 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | t: +852 9697 6800


Hanabi (HK$800-HK$1200 per person, roughly US$100-US$150 per person) Prive Group’s awesome Japanese restaurant sits a few stories up in Knutsford Terrace where diners get a delicious and filling omakase meal (from fun and personable Chef Michael) full of various types of Japanese food. From creative sushi, sukiyaki, tempura to hearty cuts of sashimi and the must try “Angel Bomb”, if you dare.

Hanabi | 4/F, 6 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui |2723 2568


Sushi Man (HK$1500 per person, US$192) UNI heaven. Just take a moment and look at that sea urchin and botan shrimp cup. This was heaven. I’ve been twice and both times were not disappointed by the charismatic, carefree and charming Chef Cupid. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable omakase experiences. Only downfall is the trek over to Yuen Long. Trust me though, it’s well worth it.

Sushi Man G/F, 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long, New Territories | 2285 9477 |


Rozan (HK$2880 per person, US$360) The omakase dinner menu fares from $1580- $2880. It’s a bit steep for Japanese omakase but the beautiful crafted sushi are more than worth it. Rozan is part of the Wagyu Takumi and Gin Sai group. The space is exquisite yet private, but only able to seat 12 lucky diners across the open sushi bar.

Rozan | Shop 2, G/F, The Oakhill, 18 Wood Road, Wanchai | 2574 1333 

sushi tokami  

Sushi Tokami (HK$2000 per person, US$257) Sushi Tokami offers a torro-fic sushi selection. They specialise in toro and boy, is it delicious. The sushi selection is fresh, scrumptious and delicate. It was so good- I returned twice in one month.

Sushi Tokami | Harbour City Ocean Centre. Level  2. Shop No. OC 216A | 2771 3938 

Did your #ohmykase picks make the list!? Email me at <3 This was a toughie shortlisting it! More Lists coming on EatwithJess! Thanks for reading, everyone.


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