Torimen: Fun Yakitori & Ramen Joint in SOHO!

FIRST: Happy Monday….and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MAMI!!! She’s here in HK celebrating her 50th (which btw…she doesn’t look a DAY over 30) birthday!! (Sorry, been a bit tied up…expect mami’s birthday weekend post(s) coming soon) And….NEW THINGS ARE IN STORE!!! 😀 An awesome surprise coming for you…TOMORROW!!! CHECK BACK THEN….in the mean time….. here’s my tasting post at Torimen!!! <3

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Yup..I’m on a health kick!! It doesn’t mean…I stop eating out completely… 🙂 If I know I’m eating out at night, I definitely make sure I eat clean (post)  in the day!


First, thank you all so much! I got over 2000 views(post) this (Torimen tasting) day!! Was definitely in a super cheery foodie mood!!!! 🙂

Ramen joints (post) are becoming the new “it” places to eat at…and in the busy hustle and bustle of SOHO comes another standout. Torimen is from the people behind the Edo and Bibo group and since opening in January has become quite known as a great destination for yakitori and ramen! I’m big on yakitori (post) and even bigger on finding out how reasonably priced Torimen is. It’s a cool space- urban decor, large open kitchen, bar area, and surprisingly spacious. I had no idea how big the place was until I walked in. It’s a terrific spot for a casual group gathering! Lets begin…..


From the bar: A Virgin Ginger, Lemon Lime, Pineapple mix! I went virgin (limiting my alcohol consumption) 🙂


This was a Strawberry Japanese black sugar, lemon juice drink especially tailor made and named for me!! 🙂 THANK YOU



Onsen Tamago Salad w/ Black Truffle. $85. A light tossed salad with a runny egg yolk, a bit of vinegar and a generous helping of black truffle. When this dish came….it smelled heavenly. A mix of hot (egg) and cold (salad) worked well!


Squid w/ Yuzu Wasabi $28. A crunchy, smokey, thick, chewy, spicy (beware of the wasabi), delicious squid. I LOVED this…….it was sweet (yuzu) but with a spicy kick (wasabi)…Yum.


Crispy Quail Eggs. $28. These bite sized eggs were soooo darn cute! Imported from Japan, the eggs are half cooked, (what I like)…and you can eat the thin outlaying shell!!!! COOL. It’s special, crunchy (from the shell) and a nice starter.


Ox Tongue. $48. My favorite skewer. And, this was just right. Juicy, meaty, and packed with flavor. You can dab a bit of mustard sauce…but it’s not needed. None of the skewers at Torimen are marinated…but they all taste amazing!! I’m not sure how they’re able to do that…


Home-made minced chicken stick…stuffed with cheese..melded in with sweet soy sauce and raw egg yolk. $38.OKAY….the description itself already explains the awesome-ness of this skewer. Only warning…’s hot. Watch out for the oozing cheese. I loved how soft and flavour-ful the meat was…Definitely wanted some more of this one.


Japanese Mini Sweet Potato. $24. I was pleasantly surprised by these mini poppers. These cute babies were naturally very sweet, soft, flavourful and perfectly roasted. Only complaint was that I wanted more of these!


Torimen Ebi Ramen (miso) $58. During dinner, they give you a small tasting size! (Jess approved– watching my weight…so I really like that). The broth was awesome. A savoury shrimp roe, tasty, and strong soup base. The noodles were al dente textured and very fine and crunchy!! 🙂 Yummy finish. Torimen “carefully picks PH 8.6 water to make its tonkotsu and infused ebi essence in order to secure genuine taste of all ingredients” to ensure hungry revels a genuine taste for the broth and noodles!!! Don’t mind if I do!!!


I WILL BE BACK! :) Quite enjoyed myself in this fun, chill and yummy ramen/yakitori eatery! 🙂

Torimen, Shop 1-2, 1-5 Elgin St., Soho/Central, Hong Kong, Phone: 2546-8008
New things are coming…are you ready for it!? 😉 
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<3 Always, Jess